Luis Medina, the commission agent, enters the list of defaulters with the Treasury

It maintains a debt of 653,878 euros with the treasury. The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancceloti, leaves the document in which names such as Sergi Arola or Samuel Eto'o follow.

Clara Dawn

The Tax Agency has made public this Thursday its list of defaulters, the ninth since in 2015 the Ministry of Finance, then led by Cristóbal Montoro, decided to publish this 'black document' that includes the names of both individuals and legal entities that maintain a higher debt to 600,000 euros with the treasury, a figure that was lowered last year from the million euros that prevailed until then.

In the new list for June, a total of 7,037 taxpayers appear, 3.3% less than in December, who owe 17,700 million euros to the Treasury, also a figure lower than the 18,200 million in the previous publication.

Of all the debtors, 1,387 were natural persons, with a debt of 2,125 million euros, in line with the previous list. The number of legal entities that appear adds up to a total of 5,650, below the 5,910 of the December publication, with debts for an amount that is also lower, of 15,585 million euros.

Like every semester, the document holds surprises for all tastes. Companies, personalities of culture, sports, entertainment world... there is everything. Among this year's additions to this list of dubious reputation stands out, for example, Luis Medina, investigated for the alleged scam to the Madrid City Council in the purchase of masks during the pandemic.

In total, the businessman, son of Naty Abascal and the Duke of Feria, owes 653,878 euros to the treasury.

Two of the great surprises of the previous list remain in the new one. On the one hand, the chef Sergi Arola, who repeats with a debt of 985,156 euros, slightly below the 985,924 euros of the previous list. On the other, the footballer Samuel Etoó, with a debt with the Treasury of 981,598 euros, the same figure as in December.

And among the departures, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti disappears from the list, who had a debt of 1.4 million euros in the December list, and the social network Twitter, which accumulated a debt of 800,000 euros .

Impact of the pandemic

The impact of the pandemic has also been felt in the volumes owed. Of everything accumulated by these large debtors, 6,787 million euros (38%) corresponds to firms in bankruptcy proceedings (2,067 debtors, 29% of the total) and, therefore, "is debt affected by a process in which the possibilities of effective collection of debts are limited while the bankruptcy process itself lasts, ”explains the Tax Agency. In the previous list the figure was 2,100 with a debt of more than 7,200 million euros.

According to data from the Tax Agency, a total of 580 left the list at the end of June compared to December, with an amount of 1,164 million euros. «The exit from the list may be due to the total or partial cancellation of the debts subject to publication, as well as to obtaining a deferral or suspension of the debt before the date of data collection (31/12/21 )”, they indicate from the organism.

On the other hand, a total of 340 debtors who did not appear in June 2021 are included in the list, with a total debt of 636 million euros.

In addition, in the months that have elapsed in 2022, a total of 3,077 debtors who had outstanding debts as of August 31, 2021 and for which they were published on the list on December 30, have made income from those debts amounting to 638 million. On the other hand, revenues amounting to 81.8 million have been made corresponding to debtors who have avoided appearing on this ninth list.

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