Luis Lorenzo's aunt died of intoxication and the drugs influenced his degeneration

Luis Lorenzo's aunt died of intoxication and the drugs influenced his degeneration

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Forensic experts rule out that a post-mortem redistribution of cadmium without the need for poisoning can be applied to the case


The coroners who performed the second autopsy on María Isabel Asunción, the old woman allegedly poisoned by her niece and the actor Luis Lorenzo, have confirmed before the judge that the old woman died of heavy metal poisoning and that the 'cocktail' of drugs detected influenced the degeneration of his state of health, legal sources have informed Europa Press.

Judge Elena Sanz Collado, at the head of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 9 of Arganda del Rey, questioned the forensic experts who carried out the autopsy this morning via videoconference from the Avilés courts.

The expert opinion is part of the instruction directed by the judge for a crime of homicide on the old woman, who died on June 28, 2021 in the married couple's home in Rivas.

Experts have ruled out that the woman died of a cerebrovascular accident, as stated on the death certificate, as there was no cranioencephalic trauma. Similarly, they rule out that she died of dementia that was diagnosed months before her death when she moved from the Asturian town of Grado to Rivas with her niece and the actor.

Relatives and friends of the old woman maintain that before settling in Rivas she was in good health, except for deafness and cataracts. The caregiver who was in charge of the woman's last months, told the judge that within days of arriving she ended up bedridden and barely able to move.

According to the expertise, María Isabel died of cadmium poisoning when a presence was detected at levels much higher than normal and that point to an autolytic, accidental or homicidal ingestion.

Forensic experts consider that the conclusions of scientific studies carried out in China and the United States on a dozen corpses about a possible post-mortem redistribution of Cadmium without the need for poisoning are not applicable in this case, since the parameters established to extrapolate it are not met. as the substance does not reach the hair and given the high dose detected, 200 times more than normal.

On the other hand, forensic experts have referred to the large number of drugs detected in the blood, as there is a mixture of anxiolytics, antidepressants, psychoactive drugs and other drugs, stating in this regard that this "cocktail" was not justified and that it could have influenced its degeneration. .

oral intake and not by inhalation

The medical report shows that the intake occurred at a time close to death. The forensic experts suggest that the ingestion would have been made orally and would have been recent, given that the metals had not reached the hair or the viscera.

A few weeks ago, the prosecutor requested a new forensic report to investigate the cause of death and delve into how the intake of heavy metals occurred. Once the judge has said report on the table, the actor Luis Lorenzo will request to testify voluntarily.

Luis Lorenzo and his wife are being investigated for the alleged murder of his wife's aunt. The couple was arrested on May 27 by the Civil Guard following a complaint by the victim's brother.

After appearing before the judge, they were released with the obligation to hand over their passport and appear each week before the court closest to their home. The precautionary measures were ratified last Friday after holding a prison visit in which only the lawyer for the private prosecution requested his admission to jail.

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