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Luis Fonsi, Paulina Rubio and Antonio Orozco complete their teams

‘La Voz’: Cierre de equipos en las ‘Audiciones a ciegas’

The last delivery of the Blind auditions has reached The voice of Antenna 3. After twelve galas, the coaches They have closed their teams to start with the next rounds of the music contest. Of course, we remember that Pablo López He already left his training on Monday, becoming the first coach to complete his group. Paulina Rubio, Antonio Orozco and Luis Fonsi They have returned to the load to occupy the few seats left in their teams.

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Without a doubt, an evening marked again by the rejected participants since, with few places, coaches

have had great problems deciding what kind of voice they needed to win The voice.

Do not miss the Best moments of the Blind auditions of The voice!

'La Voz': Mar Valdés has become the last contestant of the edition closing the team of Antonio Orozco

'La Voz': Mar Valdés has become the last contestant of the edition closing the team of Antonio Orozco

Rosco, the Beatles fan

Rosco has been the first protagonist of the last evening of Blind auditions of The voice. The participant has gone on stage with his custom electric guitar to prove to the three coaches that his passion for the Beatles. Come together has been the subject selected by the participant who has given everything to get a place in the format of Antenna 3.

"Let's fuck", the participant has shouted to raise the audience and after observing that no coach had pressed the button. However, Paulina Rubio has decided to make a decision in the last note of the performance and has done with the first artist of the evening.

Ángel and Leonardo, new duo in 'La Voz'

Other protagonists of the night have been Angel and Leonardo, a new duo in The voice of Antenna 3. The two contestants of A Coruña they have known each other for less than a year but, as if that were not enough, more than half a year they have spent thousands of kilometers separated since Angel was living in Ireland. Rehearsing on Skype, have decided to stand in the musical contest to show that they worked as a duo.

Toxic of Britney Spears has been the version that both contestants have interpreted that they have managed Paulina, Antonio and Luis Fonsi they turned around. "Although you know of very recently you make a very balanced team. I would like you to come to the Fonsi team but thank you for everything ", the artist has expressed. Finally, Angel and Leonardo they have opted for Luis Fonsi who has completed his team for the Assaults of The voice.

Juanjo García and the treasonous blockade of Antonio Orozco

Juanjo García has been one of the surprises of the last evening of Blind auditions of The voice. And is that the participant has returned to television after being part of the team of Manuel Carrasco in The voice Kids. Willing to surprise the coaches, has gone on stage with more force than ever to get one of the last places of the edition and Paulina Rubio has been very fast ... The Mexican has pressed the button and has blocked Antonio Orozco, his only opponent, betrayed.

"You have an impressive potential to be a featured artist ... I'm waiting for you from my heart despite being blocked again", Antonio Orozco explained that he saw how Paulina Rubio closed her team.

Mar Valdés, last contestant of 'La Voz'

And, finally, the last participant has arrived at the stage of The voice of Antenna 3. Mar Valdés, 21 years old and from Fuerteventura, has reached the format to give great joy to Antonio Orozco who has been able to close his team in style. The daughter of Chucho Valdés and Vevo Valdé
s, he has interpreted Mans World leaving without words what was going to be his coach during his career in the musical contest.

"I just want to say that with you they finish the Auditions blindly and with you then life begins", Antonio Orozco affirmed very happy with his last choice. Next week ... Begin the Assaults of The voice!

This is how the teams of The voice of Antenna 3:


Palomy, Keila García, Javier Erro, María Portillo, Beatriz Pérez, Andrés Iwasaki, Lola Jiménez, Andrés Martín, José Luis Cantero, Auba Estela Murillo, Apryl, Hannah Labotka, Álvaro de Luna, Fran Arenas and Sandra Groove


Linda Rodrigo, Domingo & Roy, Marina Damer, Maria Espinosa, Lion, Mel Seme, Miriam Fernandez, Alex Palomo, Rolita, Marcelino, Gavana Trio, Naiara Hernández, Law, Tomás Basso and Ángel and Leonardo


Viki Lafuente, Andrés Balada, Susana Montaña, Marlo, Aitor Martín, Les Fourchettes, Onelia Leiva, Jenny Rospos, Ángel Cortés, Giosy Moltino, Jesús Albarrán, Mark Wayne, Natalia Bradi, Rosco and Juanjo García


Juanfran Anguita, Lorena Fernández, Lia Kali, Sergio Giménez, Elena Vargas, Agustín Sánchez, Iria Reguerio, Lorena Santos, Adriana Rosa, Javier Moya, Tare Cortés, Teresa Ferrer, Lydia Ruiz, Shaddai López, Mar Valdés


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