Luis Enrique: «We depend on us and we are going to continue giving cane»

The Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, gives instructions in the match against the Czechs. / Reuters

League of Nations

The Spanish coach acknowledged that the night in Prague "was twisted from the beginning" and assumed "responsibility" for the defensive imbalances of the entire team

Oscar Bellot

Luis Enrique Martínez admitted the bad game after the draw against the Czech Republic that leaves Spain with only two points after two days, but with four games still to go in this group stage of the League of Nations. And he assumed "all the responsibility because the players want to do well and have a good attitude." The situation is complicated because only the champion qualifies and forces La Roja not to fail in the next two games against Switzerland and again the Czechs, this time at home.

«It has not been the result nor the version of the team that we wanted. The game has come out crooked from the beginning. The first part has been a constant suffering against a very close rival and in the second we have rectified a bit, but this type of withdrawal is solved with one against one and combinations with a few touches and today we have not been inspired, "he explained. the Spanish coach in the post-match.

“It has been shown once again that there is no easy game away from home. We have suffered before eleven guys locked up in 15 meters, aggressive and strong. The result is what it is, but we didn't deserve to lose either," said the man from Gijón. He acknowledged that the changes could improve the performance of the Spanish team. “Everyone has contributed things within the difficulty, but that is what they are for.”

He singled out Gavi again, saying his complete player kit is the best, and frowned when asked about recurring defensive mismatches. «The defense begins with the striker, continues through the ends, the interiors, the pivots... and today it is true that the pressure and the tilting have not come out from the beginning. You have to accept the responsibility, which is mine,

In any case, the Spaniard was left with the most positive part of the night. «The good news is that we have not lost, that the rival has not added three points and that there is no team that has gone to two consecutive four finals. We depend on us and we are going to continue giving cane ».

Iñigo: "We're screwed, but we have to raise our heads"

For his part, Iñigo Martínez was not satisfied with the final tie against the Czech Republic, although he arrived with a header of his on the verge of the end. "The goal served to equalize, but we're screwed because in two actions they have scored two goals for us and it has cost us a lot," he stressed after the game on TVE.

«It is very difficult to attack a rival who has withdrawn from the first minute and who was very clear on the counterattack playing long balls behind us. It's not what we wanted and when things don't work out you have to raise your head to try to improve. Has so much change been detrimental?: «They do not affect. All of us who come are here because we deserve it", continued the Athletic player.

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