Luis Enrique: “We are not going to speculate, we will go out to win Sweden”

Luis Enrique, during the Greece-Spain.

Luis Enrique Martinez, Spanish coach, assured that Spain will not change its identity in the last World Cup qualifying match for serve him the tie in Seville against Sweden, and announced that they will not speculate, that they will take risks and will “go out to win” the game.

Our way of playing benefits Sweden because we are not going to speculate, we are going to push up and take risks. I don’t want to change because I want to win and so do my players. We are going to take those risks, we will try to be above them, to create chances to win the game and that the climate in La Cartuja is spectacular, “he said at a press conference.

Luis Enrique analyzed the triumph by the minimum in Athens that gives group leadership to the Spanish team and given the lack of brilliance in the game, he was left with the attitude of his players.

“Greece, from the first game to the current one, is a much improved team. It is very difficult to overcome in pressure and to put pressure on it.. It has cost us. We have been able to take the game forward thanks to the attitude and intensity of my players against a very well-worked team, “he highlighted.

“We could have improved the game a lot, the start was one of control, if you don’t pressure Greece well you have complications. We haven’t had any except the clear goal offside. We have neutralized their attacking football, we haven’t had many occasions and we have scored penalties. I am happy with the attitude, it is possible to be gripped by the situation, in the second half we were imprecise until the entry of Busi (Busquets). We did not score the second goal and that has left the game open until the end, “he added.

The coach drew good conclusions from the premiere with the selection of Raúl de Tomás. “What I have seen in training, how it gives continuity to the game, the ability to shoot, something to improve defensively, we have been certain that he could help us from the beginning. I really liked what he did. I have seen, he lacked a bit of confidence on the occasion he had with his left to shoot but it is logical on the day of his debut. I am delighted. ”

The happiness of Luis Enrique assured that it is for his players and confessed that at present they feel more popular support than at the start of the last European Championship. “I am very happy for the players, for their families, for the national team. It has been very difficult, it has cost a lot and one more step is missing. We know Sweden very well, we have a long trip but we are eager to get to Seville and experience the atmosphere, the love of the fans to try to qualify on Sunday with our weapons. ”

“Now it would be very unfair if they did not trust this group of players who have overcome so many difficulties. After what was done this summer in the Eurocup and the Nations League, we only received support in the street. The one at La Cartuja will be very different from the support we received at the beginning, the situation thanks to our performance has improved and we are delighted to do so, “he said.


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