Luis Enrique: "We are favorites in the European Championship, we are not going to hide" - La Provincia

The Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martinez, has acknowledged that his team is "favorite" to win in the next Eurocup, a condition that gives a total of "five or six selections", while showing its "illusion and momentum" to enjoy a good 2020 after a "bad" 2019 for the death of his daughter.

"I don't know if I'm looking forward to it, but yes eagerly. Nor is it something new in me. One of my few skills is that I put enough enthusiasm and momentum into everything I do. It is a very desired lap. It is said that second parts were never good, but I hope this is very good and that we can enjoy many sporting successes, which is what I came for. 2019 has been a lousy year for me and my family and I hope 2020 is much better", Luis Enrique wished in an interview facilitated to the selection media.

"It is a raffle that gives us favoritism, we are not going to hide, but neither do I discover America," explained the coach of the European Championship, where his team it will be measured with Sweden, Poland and a rival yet to know of the previous qualifiers.

"We like to be a favorite, even although in the last two important championships we have not done anything or we have been eliminated very soon. Everyone gives us favorites and we accept that role. It will be complicated, there is no doubt, but we hope to confirm that favoritism with results, "he wished.

The Spaniard does not see "any selection above" the others, but he wanted to "give the role of favorite to France"Because of its status as a current world champion." I think they are the favorites, but I do not see them superior to any of the other five or six selections, plus any that can be added, that we are the favorites, "he said.

In this group of candidates also put Germany and Holland, which will be rivals of Spain in two friendly matches before the European Championship. "They are very attractive games, but they are not going to score anything because we already have the idea. Those matches are good to see the competitive level month by month of the players," he said.

In this sense, he pointed out that "it is not important that a player always comes to the national team, but rather that he arrives at that final stage of the season." "The competition is very short, just four weeks and seven games that reach the final. It will be very important that the player comes in conditions. Surely there will be some surprise with some player that has not come lately or that has never come and that we decide, for the global situation, that it is in the European Championship, "he warned.

In addition, Luis Enrique defended the election of the City of Soccer of Las Rozas as the venue for the pre-tournament preparation. "In the concentration everything must be close, all united, everything is easy. The comfort and facilities make us understand that it is better to be in Madrid. We are perfectly here and it is the best place," he concluded.


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