Luis Enrique trusts the Spanish bloc against the individualities of France

Training of the Spanish team.

Training of the Spanish team.

Optimistic, hopeful and fearless faces Luis Enrique the end of League of Nations of this Sunday in Milan against France (8:45 pm. TVE). Facing what he recognizes as "the best team in the world at an individual level" does not seem to disturb the Asturian coach, who hopes to emerge victorious as better collectively. "I'm convinced that we're going to get France in trouble", explains Lucho, who has promised a brave approach, taking risks in the face of a lethal trident, and has shown calm before the possible loss of Ferran Torres.

The forward of the Manchester City, author against Italy of the two goals that have put Spain in a position to add its first title since the Eurocup from 2012, He has not trained this Saturday either due to the problems in the metatarsal of the right foot that he is dragging this season. However, Luis Enrique does not consider him out of the question. "We will try in the warm-up and we will decide," he assured, without making a drama, even though it is not clear who would play the role of 'nine', however false it may be. "We are not risking any player. And If it is not good, as I believe in the team, then play another. We are not going to force anyone. "

At the end of the day, the coach has not stopped insisting on the strength of the group. "On an individual level, France is the best team in the world. It is full of top total players, references in their teams ... It remains for us to be a team and be better than them collectively.. And that the game that interests us takes place, "he said. How do you defend Benzema, Mbappe and Griezmann? "Taking risks and trying to have the ball, there is only one," he synthesized. "And if we have the ball and move it the way we want, we can put their defense in trouble, which is spectacular. And when we lose the ball, work collectively to try to get it back and that their players, who are all very good, do not create danger" .

Without being a favorite, Spain slipped into the semifinals of the Eurocup and if they did not play the final it was due to a penalty shoot-out. In this 'final four' of the League of Nations, 'la Roja' was also presented as the ugly duckling, but this Sunday it will fight to succeed Portugal in the short record of the competition. Lucho's Spain has shown his best version before the great powers. "We have always stood up and even in the European semi-finals we were there when no one was betting on us," he recalled. And France is today the largest, which does not worry him: "It is a great stimulus and there is no greater motivation than to keep growing and playing against the world champions".

After the dust that raised the call, a Spanish victory would silence many critics. "To me I only worry about preparing the game well and try to win with our weapons. The rest is show", Luis Enrique says however." Those of us who make up this team do not know what a final is and to recover those airs of victory would be phenomenal, a great reinforcement. And if we make our fans and our fans happy, perfect. "


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