Luis Enrique: "The rival's anthem has not been whistled and that should be repeated"

Luis Enrique gives instructions during the Spain-Czech Republic match at La Rosaleda. / EFE

League of Nations

“The Malaga fans have been tremendous; for us it is much easier to play with that current of illusion", highlights the coach

OB Malaga

After the victory against the Czech Republic and Spain achieving the group leadership in the League of Nations, Luis Enrique wanted to praise the Malaga fans and their behavior before, during and after the game. «The rival's anthem has not been whistled and I would like it to be repeated in the rest of the fields, and during the match there was pressure when it had to be pressed. The fans have been tremendous, giving us their support from the first day of concentration. For us it is much easier to play with that current of illusion, "said the national coach.

Regarding one of the most outstanding players in the match at La Rosaleda, Gavi, he also praised the work of the Andalusian midfielder, although he did not clarify any doubts after his statements the day before. “The message that I sent to Gavi that he can improve on and off the pitch can be used by any of the 23 players. The interested party caught it at the right time. And within the field, Gavi is an erupting volcano. He plays between the lines like nobody else, he dares, he is daring, he has a goal, last pass, defensive work... », settled Luis Enrique.

The Asturian coach also highlighted Unai Simón. «He has guided the game well the times that the rival has jumped, and when they have not jumped he has chosen well. Beyond the fact that he can make a mistake or not, Unai gives us a lot of calm in the aerial game. He has played a very good game », he acknowledged.

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