October 31, 2020

Luis Enrique: “Playing without fans is sadder than dancing with your sister” – La Provincia

Luis Enrique understands that professional football resumes competitions, but he does not like it. And much less, in the empty stadiums. “Playing without fans is sadder than dancing with your sister”, is the graphical comparison that has occurred to the Spanish coach to describe the sensations produced by a game without an audience.

Luis Enrique’s reflection comes to mind after observing last weekend the resumption of the Bundesliga, the first major championship that has returned to competition after the coronavirus pandemic. The gestures and attitudes of the footballers avoided the effusiveness, following the recommendations and restrictions of the authorities.

“It is very ugly and regrettable”, says the coach, who in his role as a spectator, stressed: “You can listen to the insults and lose the intimacy of great moments.” However, recalling his time as a former soccer player, he noted: “I, as a player, would like to start as soon as possible.” And he added that he would have “no fear” of a possible contagion.

“We have to understand that this is a global business that generates a lot of money and although the show is very different from when you play with people, it can help us pass the time during confinement and overcome this, “reflected Luis Enrique in his participation in the Colgados del Aro program.

The figure of Clemente

The former Sporting soccer player, Real Madrid and Barcelonapraised the figure of Rafael Nadal as an example of an athlete (“It is impossible not to love him, a pity that he is a Real Madrid player”, he joked “a little for arguing”) and praised the figure of Javier Clemente as coach after acknowledging that Louis van Gaal had been one of the best technicians he had.

Over time I have realized that Clemente, through what he generated and also tactically, reached a level of conviction, also through love, impressive. If you tell me, go through here, I go through there; if he tells me to throw yourself out there, I will … He would have thrown me from where it was necessary for him. And yes, it is the first time that I say it: I would like to have a lot of Javier Clemente as coach, explained Luis Enrique.


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