Luis Enrique: "Luckily Gerard has failed, because if Morata fails they will impale him"

Luis Enrique during the match against Switzerland.

Luis Enrique during the match against Switzerland.

Luis Enrique, as soon as Oyarzabal scored the decisive penalty, the fact that put Spain in the semifinals of the Eurocup, unleashed joy on the pitch with his coaching staff and the players. The tie was decided from eleven meters, but no one said it would be easy.

The Asturian, at the foot of the grass and attending to the displaced radios, was very satisfied with everything he had experienced against Switzerland and warned that reaching the semis is not easy in any case: "It has suffered a lot. What do you want? A military parade? We have been fortunate enough to get ahead with Jordi's goal or an own goal and this has generated some moments of pause, but the rival was inside at all times. He changes the game when his player is sent off. Then we monopolize with our positioning and we generate opportunities, but in the end we got to the batch, for that we have great pitchers and a great goalkeeper, "he said about Unai Simon.

In that sense, he commented that "he already demonstrated in the last game what pasta he is made of, but I will not deny that I am very happy and I imagine his family and friends enjoying that he is the hero of the game." He added that "I already told you that we were one of the eight teams competing for the title, with sincerity and without offending, and we are already one of the four.

Luis Enrique understands that everything Spain is experiencing "It is a reinforcement for the players, to overcome forced situations. Everything has happened to us. If there is any team prepared to overcome everything, it is ours." In addition, he explained that "if now I review the games and a person saw all the games coming from abroad, I would say that the first was superb and lacked a goal, the second not so good and even the fifth, which shows that we are prepared for everything, including penalties, where fortune does not win, but who scores the most".

He analyzed the change of Morata: "I changed him because the pressure he puts on us is incredible in every game and after 120 minutes against Croatia we needed more freshness. Luckily, the ones that Gerard has failed were not failed by Morata because you would have killed him"Despite everything, he claimed to have lived."the quietest penalty shootout of my life. What was going to be was going to be and nothing else could be done. I told them to be calm, that nothing was happening, they were the ones who decided who was shooting. They are an impressive group and they deserve it. "


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