Luis Enrique: "It is interesting to generate doubts with the national team"

Luis Enrique, during the press conference at La Rosaleda. / Jorge Guerrero (Afp)

League of Nations

"If someone wants us to win games 15-0, they don't know what modern football is," says the national coach, who leaves a message to Gavi: "He has a lot to improve, on and off the pitch"

Oscar Bellot

Luis Enrique considers some of the criticisms that the national team has received in recent days unfair because, in his opinion, what has once again become clear in the first three days of the League of Nations is the equality that exists in the panorama current. «It is interesting to generate doubts with the selection. If someone wants us to win games 15-0, he doesn't know what modern football is. Is not easy. We have a good selection”, defended the Asturian coach at the press conference prior to the match between La Roja and the Czech Republic at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga.

The coach from Gijón has been annoyed in the last week by the analyzes that have been made on the draws achieved by the Spanish team against Portugal and the Czech Republic, as well as the hasty victory against Switzerland. He did not like that it is personalized in some footballers when it comes to scrutinizing errors and weaknesses, and he believes that the level of demand posed by rivals is not enough. «Look at the champion of the Nations League and the World Cup, France. Nobody wins easy. If you pretend that we are different, we are not different. It is impossible, but not for us, for everyone », he elaborated in an appearance in which he refused to give a rating to his troops. "He wasn't a very good student. I'm not very good at taking notes. It wasn't bad, my kids are listening to me, but it wasn't great. I don't put notes, you already put them », he cut short.

His intervention on the Costa del Sol left an enigmatic message about Gavi, whom he has not stopped praising since he called him up for the first time last October ahead of the last 'final four' of the League of Nations played in Italy . "Gavi still has a lot to improve, on and off the pitch," he replied when asked if the young talent from Barça looks like him when he was dressed in shorts. What did you mean?, they insisted. «It is a broad spectrum so that everyone can draw what they consider appropriate. It is a good phrase that will come in handy for everyone, those from outside and those from within », he replied, without giving more details.

Argentina favorite for the World Cup

Luis Enrique hinted that it will be very difficult for Iñigo Martínez, absent from La Roja's last training session due to a foot problem, to be available for the duel with the Czech Republic. “Since always, the first thing I tell the players is that I am not going to take any risk, even if it is a truism. If we have taken risks, it has been due to the exclusive desire of the player. Iñigo received a stomp, his foot is swollen and we'll see if he can play », he pointed out about the state of the Athletic center-back, scorer of the goal that certified the tie a week ago in Prague.

He was satisfied with the evolution of Ansu Fati, although he insisted, once again, that the best thing about the Barça attacker is to go easy. “After seeing his level, the injury is part of the past. He could play as a starter, as a substitute, not play... But it's positive because I've seen him better. He is a recovered player, in my opinion. He is a unique player in his relationship with the goal. We were among the first to bring it. He comes from a very difficult year », he explained.

He stressed the need to raise the offensive bar to damage his rival this Sunday, who gripped Spain in Prague. «Czech Republic was top level because of the density and the number of players it accumulated. We have to generate more scoring chances and I hope that the pace of the match is higher than there, that the heat takes its toll and that the fans carry us on wings, "said Luis Enrique.

Regarding the World Cup in Qatar, he gave two favorites. «Argentina, I see it above the rest. And Brazil too. More than anything because some Brazilian media will come and say 'you have said that Argentina is above'. Argentina and Brazil, well above the rest », she reeled off.

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