October 28, 2020

Luis Enrique, in his presentation: "Robert Moreno has been disloyal" – La Provincia

The national soccer coach Luis Enrique Martinez He has been blunt on Wednesday and has indicated himself as "the only one responsible" for Robert Moreno is not in his coaching staff and has qualified his former assistant "unfair" and that he had had "excessive ambition."

In a "very special day" For his return to the national team five months later, the Spaniard wanted to settle all the controversy for his return and Moreno's sudden goodbye, which he considers "generated" by the Catalan.

"The only person responsible for Robert Moreno not being in my 'staff' is me, not Luis Rubiales, neither Molina nor the RFEF," said Luis Enrique in his presentation, where he indicated that "The disagreement occurs on September 12".

"We had a meeting in my house, 20-30 minutes and I feel that he wants to do the European Championship and tells me that if I I wanted to later be my second again. I saw him coming and I try to put myself in the other point of view and I understand that he is excited and that he sees it as the opportunity of his life and for which he has worked hard, "he said.

Anyway, after acknowledging that being "ambitious is a quality to value", He did not like the attitude of his assistant. "For me it is disloyal, I would never do it and I do not want anyone of these characteristics in my 'staff', the excessive ambition is a great defect," he warned.


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