Luis Enrique: "Gavi is a brown beast"

Luis Enrique followed the Greece-Spain with great intensity

Luis Enrique followed the Greece-Spain with great intensity

Luis Enrique was relieved by the Spain's victory in Greece (0-1) which, combined with Sweden's unexpected defeat in Georgia (2-0), have placed the Spanish team within a draw of being in the Qatar World Cup 2022 by direct route.

"I'm happier than yesterday", the Asturian technician began joking on the RTVE microphones: "In the situation we were in, these two results have been very good for us. But we have focused on our match and it has been as difficult as we had anticipated. Still, I think we deserved the victory. "

The Spanish coach acknowledged that this time his team had not completed a brilliant game in terms of spectacle: "Like is a difficult word when there is so much tension and the obligation to achieve a good result away from home, but the players have been good in terms of attitude and to transfer what we had raised on the field of play. These games always cost, but we have been ambitious. If we watch Greece's games at home, we see that they are a much improved team than the one that played in Spain and we have managed to neutralize their football. "

He will not speculate against Sweden

Luis Enrique was convinced that Spain will not fail on Sunday against Sweden and will be in the next World Cup in Qatar 2022. In fact, the Spanish team is enough to draw a draw to certify their pass as first in the group: "I believed it when we were second and I still believe it now that we are leading. We face a Sweden that has had a great tournament and defends very well. They are forced to win and will have to play more on the attack, but we we are not going to make the mistake of thinking that the draw is worth us and we are going to go out and win like we do in every game. It makes no sense to change, although this way of playing can benefit the opponent. After turning the table around, I hope that La Cartuja will be player number 12. "

The Asturian coach reassured Barcelona about the physical state of Gavi, who had to be replaced after receiving a severe blow to the face: "He has received a blow to the eye. Gavi is a brown beast. He said that he saw double, but that he wanted to continue. It has swollen up a bit and he couldn't see well at all, but on the bench he was already fine. "

The Spanish coach ended up explaining his bet on two center forwards: "I thought it was going to be a game in which we would have the ball and putting two forwards against a defense of five seemed to me to be the ideal." Regarding the debut of Raúl de Tomás, he explained that "we all know him and I liked what I saw during the training sessions. His attitude has been perfect and I have decided to put artillery. Also, debut with this performance ... ".

Luis Enrique was pleased to have earned the trust of the fans with the game displayed by his pupils: "It would be very unfair if people did not trust this group of players. After the Eurocup, the UEFA Nations League and the qualifying round we've done, we only get support, thanks to our performance. Being a soccer professional means overcoming obstacles and this group of players has succeeded. We have reversed the situation thanks to their efforts. "

He recalled the Denmark match that sealed the qualification for the United States World Cup in which he was the protagonist as a player: "I don't remember a game in which the fans turned the atmosphere into a hell like that day. I hope so from La Cartuja. The field factor is key."


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