January 18, 2021

Luis Enrique confesses his fight with Messi

Luis Enrique confesses his fight with Messi

It was January 2015, a stormy month for Barcelona, ​​which in May of the same course signed the second triplet in its history: League, Cup and Champions. The end was happy, but until we got there there was turbulence. Messi returned on day 2 of the Christmas holidays and in the first training he missed a "10" that the "referee" did not whistle. The referee was Luis Enrique, and the player got angry and faced the coach. «It was at a given moment in a training, after the holidays. Suddenly due to a lack of punching about Leo, he lost the papers with Luis Enrique. Four things were said, "Mathieu revealed later. Two days later it was the first match of the year in Anoeta and Barcelona lost. Messi started on the bench and the mess did nothing but grow. That defeat cost him the position of the then sports director, Andoni Zubizarreta, and the coach's future was in danger. But everything was solved, and in what way: the trident Leo, Luis Suarez and Neymar began to carbure unstoppably. "Until everything was solved there was a time of tension, which I did not search without any doubt, but that appeared and that I had to manage. But today I can only talk about wonders of Leo Messi », he confessed the now Spanish coach in an interview on Catalunya Radio.

Barcelona finished that season winning all the titles and the peace show was the hug between Messi and his coach on the lawn of the Berlin Olympics when he beat Juve in the Champions League final. The words of Luis Enrique now are praise for his former footballer: "We are talking about" Matrix ", where the image slows down and you can do what you want, that's what Messi does. Peripheral vision, haggling here or there, I have only seen Iniesta and above all, above all, Messi ». The Spaniard also revealed that at the beginning of his third season he already told the club to look for replacements: "He was selfish, but I did not have any more energy to give". That course won "only" the Cup.


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