May 18, 2021

Luis Eduardo Aute, "a unique animal" | Culture

Luis Eduardo Aute, "a unique animal" | Culture

"It was a discovery," says Joan Manuel Serrat when he first met Luis Eduardo Aute on television singing that Hallelujah in 1965. Now he and nineteen more comrades will pay homage in Madrid to the author of At dawn, that since more than two years ago he does not go on stage.

Aute is absent from the stages since August 8, 2016 suffered two heart attacks after a concert in Huelva. His colleagues, and his audience, have not forgotten him for a minute. In his house they have supported him to the millimeter, reading him even the newspaper so that he regained consciousness of life and the world. It is better, they say, it is already related, it is already in life. But he is not yet able, for example, to go to the tribute prepared by twenty friends, which could be twenty thousand, because everyone, in the song, in the arts, they love Aute … It's like the Spanish Julio Cortázar, dear all over the world.

Joaquín Sabina says: "It is a unique case, not only of the song: also in the poetry, in the painting and in any discipline that he has wanted to play, always with original and singular audacity. That is to say, a man of the Renaissance in the 21st century and a teacher and a friend ". Sabina and Serrat, and other eighteen artists friends of the absent artist, will come together to put music to an art that has turned the author of Somehow in "a unique animal". The tribute will be on December 10 in Madrid (Wizink Center) and its titled Courage, animal!

It's a music concert. But it could be an anthology of the painting, or a film recital, because Aute, who was born in Manila in 1943 and came to Spain at the age of eleven, is a total artist, or a total animal, to follow his own description of the man who has two feet on the ground. He has written, he has portrayed, he has made films, and he has traveled, to America, to the whole world, with the only baggage of his genius, because, and this is not a metaphor, he gets on the planes barefoot, stripped of luggage, and It makes the journey a long time of meditation. Then all the arts that compose it are born of that silence. It is, says Rosa León, "a Renaissance."

That double infarction returning from Huelva interrupted a life marked by an unusual journey through all the arts and by a way of composing that challenged, in darker times, the understanding of the censors. The author of At dawn, which was taken as testimony against the last Francoist executions, has been recovered and continues that slow aspiration to normalcy, encouraged by Maruchi Rosado, his wife, and his children Miguel, Pablo and Laura.

A date for lovers of all Autes

That is a unique animal says many people in the world that surrounds the different Autes that there are in Aute. And it is also said by colleagues such as Rosa León, Ana Belén, Pedro Guerra, Víctor Manuel … Víctor Manuel says: "Eduardo did everything before and better". Besides them they will be in that concert Andrés Suárez, Cristina Narea, Dani Martín, Ismael Serrano, Jorge Drexler, José Mercé, Luis Pastor, Marwan, Massiel, Miguel Poveda, Rozalén, Silvio Rodríguez, Suburbano, Vicente Feliú … Alejandro Sanz, who is in that cast, joins these definitions that THE COUNTRY has sought to draw this portrait: "For the singer-songwriters is the king of the Huns, the lone ranger, the last Mohican … I think it is a reference for those who have dreamed sometime with writing a beautiful song. We have so much to thank Aute that even a beautiful song would fall short. " And Pedro Guerra explains, for whom he is "one of the references": "He is the most artist of all. Also in the intellectual sense of the word. An author who navigates with ease and beauty in all corners of art ".

In the two months that Aute was in a coma, in a hospital in Madrid, Miguel felt that reading the newspaper (of this newspaper) could make him aware of the world. And for a long time he has read the daily story, which he listened to in the middle of a long dream. Now the artist is on preventive medication, he makes family life, waiting for his recovery. The infarcts affected the sight, speech and movement of their limbs. Those terrible news from more than two years ago did not foresee the strength of Aute and the strength of mind of his family.

Serrat says from Chile that Aute's friends call him Luis Leonardo, because of that Renaissance character that Rosa León demonstrates. He is also, like an abbot of Silos, "an artist thinking, in silence, to give art its scores, its images and its intelligence. With him and without him I have sung many times Somehow". This is what he discovered in 1965, on Televisión Española, singing Hallelujah. "It was a stimulating voice, a stimulating letter, that encouraged people who, like me, were looking for something similar. It was a way of understanding music, of posing songs, of showing them to people. And I join with him who speaks Catalan! "

Rosa León, who made At dawn one of his hymns, adds on the character of Aute: "What is most known about him are his songs. His lyrics, which are not easy, are accompanied by music that makes those lyrics easily understood by everyone ". Aute has made the cryptic a way to excite the imagination of those who hear or read it. It is, as Ana Belén says, "a total artist in the different disciplines in which it manifests".

For the singer-songwriters he is the king of the Huns, the lone ranger, the last Mohican

Alejandro Sanz

Teddy Bautista, one of the closest friends of Aute in these two years of struggle, says that there is no one like this unique animal "to compose the soundtrack of the Transition and its subsequent hangover". He is "the sculptor of songs, the painter of poems. It is necessary to turn 360 degrees to embrace the artist and his art, and an etymological guide to decipher Aute, author of a journey through the most beautiful words and sounds of our time, would also be necessary ". For Bautista it is "precursor of the diverse, legacy of the Renaissance". Prepared with him a book that was going to be titled The Divine Comedy of Aute. But the heart attack prevented to resume the idea.

Everyone loves Aute, they celebrate that the bad omen of that August has not fulfilled their fatal expectations, that Aute continues spelling in the present his life as a polyhedral artist, as a unique animal. From his house, this man who gave music and other dreams, will know of the concert in which words will resound with which his friends today make up this portrait of Aute waiting to dawn again and see, as he has written, "the stars that they indicate me some sun ".


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