Luis Campos (NC): "It is the change of position of a State without principles"

Luis Campos, spokesman for NC in the Parliament of the Canary Islands. / C7

For the spokesman in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Spain "surrenders to the blackmail of Morocco in the most humiliating way"

EFE The Gran Canarian palms

Nueva Canarias has distanced itself from the support offered by the Government of Spain to Morocco in its proposal for autonomy for the Sahara, a change of position that its spokesman in the regional Parliament, Luis Campos, has described as "typical of a state without principles" .

«The change of position of Spain is typical of a State without principles, which
repudiates invasions in Ukraine and legitimizes them in the Sahara, who despises UN resolutions. And that surrenders to the blackmail of Morocco in the most humiliating way. Today more than ever Free Sahara ", Campos wrote on his Twitter account.

The spokesman for the nationalist party, a member of the PSOE in the Government of the Canary Islands, maintains that "Pedro Sanchez's decision, apart from being miserable and cowardly,
does not represent the people of Spain and much less the Canarian people«.

"Our people have more dignity than those who make these decisions and they will stand by another worthy people, the Saharawi people," he adds.

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