“#Luimelia” returns with a season “more mature and full of truth”

Madrid, Jul 24 (EFE) .- Much more mature and truly charged. In its fourth season, the love story of Luisita and Amelia (characters born in “Amar es para siempre”) continues to grow, and “#Luimelia” is consolidated as a series with a life of its own, with more chapters and longer duration.

After the success of its first three installments, which have even aroused strong international interest, especially in some Latin American countries, the series returns to Atresplayer Premium this Sunday with renewed plots and the incorporation of new characters.

“Before we had episodes of 10 minutes, but now they will last 30, something that not only will give our characters wealth and more chicha, but will expand our universe,” Carol Rovira, the actress who gives life to Amelia, tells EFE . This season, he adds, “it’s going to be much more mature and for real.”

An opinion supported by Paula Usero, who gets into Luisita’s skin: “The new plots not only focus on Luisita and Amelia, the story of the secondary characters will evolve and develop by itself, something that we too It gives a break, since before we used to go out in all the scenes. Now we have the opportunity to see other plots with perspective, “he adds.

The fourth season -of eight episodes- shows a new stage in the life of Luisita and Amelia. Both have just bought an apartment, but that does not mean that the conversation about marriage has been parked. This time they seem to have everything under control, but an obstacle named José Antonio (Francesco Carril) is about to blow up their life plans.

The time has come to improvise and for that they have the help of their friends Sergi (Roi Méndez) and Ana (Ariana Martínez). For her part, María (Lucía Martín) has settled in with her parents, while Nacho (Jonás Berami) and Marina (Alba Gutiérrez) have continued with their relationship, considering something more than a future together.

In this unique way, the life of these girls begins to pass out of the expected, far from the idyllic plans they had imagined.

Luisita will strive to get a good job with which to pay the bills –and the mortgage–, and Amelia will have to face her own family, doing her best to survive the chaos that lately rules their lives.

“There is going to be a lot of chaos. In the first chapter something is going to happen that makes all our plans collapse like a sand castle, but the girls have to move forward and find new ways to achieve their goal. But, in short It’s going to be a busy season, “Rovira advances with a laugh.

Another novelty included in this new installment is that for the first time Amelia’s family will be met. “It’s very nice because this is going to feed this character and it will give you clues as to why she is the way she is and the traumas she has. You will understand why for Amelia achieving her goals and being successful is very important”, emphasizes the actress.

From the series, created by Borja González Santaolalla and Diana Rojo, which was born as a “spin-off” of the daily evening “Amar es para siempre”, its protagonists say that they did not expect “that it would go so far”, but that “it’s nice”.

“We could imagine that it would have two seasons, although there was a crazy possibility of doing more,” says Rovira, “and when the news of the renewal for two more seasons reached us it was great. Now we don’t know what will happen.”

For its part, Usero, who last January competed for the Goya for best new actress for “Rosa’s Wedding”, declares that this series “is very special.”

“It is the first starring women who tell a real lesbian love story, with the good and the bad. I think it is a gem that cannot be spoiled and we are all very aware that they have to continue to preserve it,” he says. .

Silvia Garcia Herráez


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