‘#Luimelia’: how social networks managed to give propia Amar is forever ’lesbian series of their own’ | TV

At the beginning of 2019, the Atresmedia social and multimedia networks departments noticed something striking: the majority of Twitter messages from followers of Love is forever They included the #Luimelia tag. The analysis of the impact of these messages left impressive figures for a series that has been on the air, as it passes through La 1 — with the name of Love in troubled times— and antenna 3, almost 15 years. The tweets about Luimelia (Word with which the followers of the series refer to the couple formed by the characters of Luisita and Amelia) achieved more than 40 million impressions in the 2018-2019 season. It was the most used word to talk about Love is forever, above the name of the series itself. The phenomenon is not limited to Spain: messages also arrived from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Malaysia or the United States. With this data in hand, at Atresmedia they could not resist the temptation.

Luisita, daughter of Manolita and Marcelino (two of the few characters that remain in the series from day one), and Amelia began on the screen a relationship that lasts already two seasons. In fiction, his story is set in 1977, the year in which homosexuality was still punishable by imprisonment in Spain. Thanks to this amazing fan movement, the love story of Luisita and Amelia now starts again in 2020.

The web series #Luimelia it’s a love letter to those delivered fans of Love is forever that have elevated Luisita and Amelia to icons. The first of the six episodes of about 10 minutes that make up this first season can be seen this Friday in Atresplayer Premium (the remaining episodes will be posted weekly every Sunday). Its protagonists are modern versions of the characters, played by the same actresses, Paula Usero and Carol Rovira. “The characters maintain their essence: Luisita is effusive; Amelia looks for her site professionally … But, keeping her DNA, we move them into the context of 2020,” explains Borja González Santaolalla, co-creator of #Luimelia next to Diana Rojo. Both are script coordinators of Love is forever.

The characters of Luisita and Amelia, in a chapter of 'Love is forever'.

The characters of Luisita and Amelia, in a chapter of ‘Love is forever’.

Unlike what happens with other productions, the initiative for the implementation of #Luimelia The chain itself had it from its Multimedia department. “One day, the Fiction comrades told us that, in the plot, Amelia is going to go to Paris for a season, and that Amelia and Luisita were going to be separated. And it occurred to us that we could fill that gap with transmedia content, “says Ignacio García Alonso, executive producer of the series and part of the Atresmedia Multimedia team. Among the ideas they had was to tell how Amelia’s life was in Paris, or how the two lived the separation. But in a brainstorm with the two screenwriters at a meeting in September 2019, the proposal came up: what if they made a spin off in series form? What if they took Luisita and Amelia to 2020? Two weeks later, they had a green light, in a month they wrote the scripts and in a single week of November they shot the six episodes.

#Luimelia he talks about feminism, social networks, the LGBT movement … and he does it to an objective audience that, a priori, seems very different from the one that follows his love story in the seventies. “This phenomenon makes you think about how varied the audience of this type of series is, says Diana Rojo.” We usually think that in a daily series, a soap opera, the public is older, and this shows you the reality, that there is an audience of all ages and that it is very active, “González Santaolalla adds.

What is the relationship between these two women to have fallen in love with the audience? For González Santaolalla, one of the keys is the way they have treated their history, “regardless of sexual orientation. They have their lives, their worries, family issues … It is a point of view without corsets and without pointing the finger that is a relationship of a lesbian couple. It has been treated most naturally even in 1977, “concludes the screenwriter.


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