Lucia's nightmare at the age of 17

Lucia, the young woman who has been living a nightmare for seven months.

Lucia, the young woman who has been living a nightmare for seven months.

Lucia, a 17-year-old young woman from Cordoba, is living a real nightmare since test positive on covid-19 the 14 of October from last year. During these almost seven months, he has lived a ordeal of illnesses and visits to medical emergencies, fourteen of them to Social Security and another three to private health centers, to be found now without a diagnosis and without mobility from the waist down.

"We need someone to give us a solution, our soul falls to the ground when we see a 17-year-old girl sitting in a wheelchair and already a little tired of so many doctors who cannot find what is wrong with her, "say Lucía's parents.

Parents suspect that it may be a case of covid persistent, since -as they say- "our daughter continues with low-grade fever, nausea, dizziness, dysphagia that has worsened with regurgitation of liquids and food through the nose, loss of balance and total inability to walk and stand without assistance ". This is Lucia's situation today.

The nightmare begins for Lucía and her parents the first time they go to the emergency room on October 17 of last year, after testing positive for covid-19. Come with dyspnea and pain on the sideor, "he is discharged with symptoms of covid," explains the father, Gabriel Rubio.

The second time is on the 23rd of the same month. The symptoms are fdrunk, persistent cough, sore throat (odynophagia), and you will be discharged again with "covid symptoms"; the third visit it takes place on the 31st with the same medical problems and the same situation is repeated as the two previous times; and the same circumstances for the fourth visit, on November 4. On the 6th of that same month they return to the emergency roomAfter doing tests and telling them that they are correct and without findings, he is again discharged and his ailments are "covid symptoms".

The next day, again in the ER for increased abdominal epigastric pain. On the 11th of that same month, a new visit to the emergency room, he continues to test positive for covid and has pain in his side and dyspnea. Again, the discharge with "covid symptoms". The situation repeats itself on the 18th, although it rrun tests "no findings", and home again. On the 23rd, it is already the tenth visit to the emergency service, everything is the same as the previous one.

On December 6, the news is that "it is giving negative "in covid," in a test performed in private medicine since her family doctor could not prescribe it ", the parents report. They go to the emergency room and refer Lucía to the service of Internal Medicine. On February 5, Lucía presented "corking in the right hemibody and lack of vision in the right eye, a cranial CT scan was performed without significant findings. The diagnosis at discharge: migraine with aura. Three days later, he returned to the ER due to weakness, nausea, blurred vision and loss of strength in the lower limbs, and he "they are discharged with the diagnosis of weakness ". They returned on February 9 to the emergency room and on the 16th she was admitted to Internal Medicine due to immobility of the lower limbs. The neurologist considers it to be a psychological disorder, a consultation with Psychiatry is requested and "conversion disorder" is diagnosed, referring the case to Clinical Psychology preferentially and they also request an appointment again for Neurology. "The appointment with the clinical psychologist is for next week," the father reported yesterday.

For his part, Reina Sofía hospital has not ruled on this case when asked.


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