Luciano Montoya, the twin brother of Laura Luelmo's killer, partying after the crime

Luciano Montoya, the twin brother of Laura Luelmo's killer, partying after the crime

Luciano Montoya, twin brother of the confessed murderer of Laura Luelmo, celebrated these days your first prison permit after entering prison for the murder of a 35-year-old woman in the village where they lived, Cortegana, very close to El Campillo. There they can not see the Montoya brothers, although they know that Bernardo has been there since he got out of prison, before and even after committing the crime of the young Zamora. His twin brother, Luciano (who many confused with Bernardo) has been these days in Calañas, another nearby town, where his daughter lives. While his brother was arrested for the sexual assault and murder of the 26-year-old teacher, he celebrated in a great gypsy celebration his prison permit and the taste of freedom.

There was no shortage of guests, music, drinks and dances, as can be seen in the video. Today, however, he has returned to the prison in Ocaña, where he has many years left to finish serving his sentence. "Here that none return", said last night in Cortegana, where they were repudiated many years ago after killing each of the twins to women.

The neighbors of Calañas, meanwhile, also demonstrated these days by the presence of Montoya in the town and even went to protest at the neighborhood of San José, where Luciano was. Remember that he murdered a woman of 35 years, Mari Carmen, after threatening him with denouncing him. Luciano had tried to steal her purse in a pub of drinks and, after the threat of the woman, he waited at the door of his house. When he arrived he stabbed her deadly. The young girl left two daughters, now twenty years old, living in Aracena. The mother of the deceased, after many years of antidepressant treatment, ended up committing suicide at the Juan Ramón Jiméns Hospital in Huelva, just over a year ago.


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