Lucas Cruz received 25,000 euros from RR7 as a commission advance for the false masks

The intermediary Lucas Cruz in a photo taken at the signing of the failed agreement for the purchase of CB Gran Canaria. / C7

The successful bidder details in her complaint payments to the intermediary for a material that never reached the Canary Islands Health Service

The complaint filed on Thursday by the sole administrator of RR7 United SL to the National Police in the case of fake masks, details payments as an "advance 3M commission" to one of the participants in this alleged scam, the intermediary Lucas Cruz. According to the bank document, Rayco González -owner of the successful bidder-
transferred to Cruz 25,000 euros as an advance payment for the steps taken by him to acquire the batch of one million masks agreed in the contract they signed with the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) for a value of
four million euros on May 25, 2020.

In this case, which has been investigated since last April 8 by the Las Palmas Delegation of the
Special Prosecutor against Corruption and Organized Crimeallegedly RR7 United SL contacted through Lucas Cruz with a supplier named Ihsan Mahmhoud Mohamed al Sabbagh who had good business relations in the sector of medical supplies for the fight against coronavirus.

In this way, they commissioned him to contact the 3M company for the
Acquisition of one million FFP3 model 1860 masks and for this they transferred two initial amounts. A first shipment of 1.59 million euros and another of 1.06, on the dates October 22 and November 12, 2020.

The rest of the amount that amounts to
€1,350,000 they would have distributed it -presumably- between,
at least six peoplein the form of commissions for the steps taken to purchase a first batch of products that turned out to be illegal and a second batch of a different brand that never arrived in Gran Canaria.

In the image, the document that certifies the transfer made by RR7 United to Lucas Cruz as an advance for the commission for the false masks that arrived in Gran Canaria. /


Among this distribution of huge amounts of money from public funds, this newspaper had access to a bank document detailing the transfer made by RR7 United SL to
Lucas Cruz, an entrepreneur who jumped onto the public scene in May 2019 when he claimed to be the representative of the investment fund HMK Holding

At that time, Cruz presented the aforementioned fund as "the owner of large companies that
manage waste in renewable energies, owner of hotels in Miami, Indonesia, the Bahamas, the Canary Islands... And now we want to advertise ourselves through the Gran Canaria Basketball Club (Herbalife Gran Canaria)," he said at the launch of a supposed agreement that was presented with great fanfare.

As announced,
HMK, hand in hand with Lucas Cruz, had promised to disburse 500,000 euros on Gran Canaria as sponsorship for that season - a figure that suddenly made him the second private patron of the club, after the firm Herbalife - and to contribute another 500,000 the following season provided that the Cabildo launched within six months an operation for the sale of team shares, of at least 51% of its capital. An operation that turned out to be
a real fiasco and it was never carried out since it was made public that the origin and reputation of HMK was more than doubtful.

Even Lucas Cruz himself announced in the 'off the record' that the investment of the fund for which, presumably, he worked was not going to remain only in the CB Gran Canaria: «This is the first sports club in which the company I represent is going to invest money.
Invest in UD Las Palmas? the future is openbut there is nothing planned », he came to manifest.

Relationship with UD Las Palmas

His relationship with the club president,
Miguel Angel Ramirezwas public and it was even rumored that their companies had a significant contribution of capital from the aforementioned fund to clean up their accounts.

At the time it was also known that
Lucas Cruz was arrested in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in relation to the alleged diversion of more than 800,000 euros of subsidies granted by the Ourense Provincial Council to professional associations, to an account related to Jameo & Members SL, of which this individual was the sole administrator.

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