Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

Luca, Gianmarco's brother, suspected of conditioning him at the gala

Every gala of
It has become a kind of soccer match that needs VAR supervision. And it is that the spectators do not miss a single detail, however small. Now, the followers of the program are questioning whether when Gianmarco admitted to being in love from Adara, he did it sincerely or because his brother
Luca there was dictation the reply from the set

After being expelled and arriving at Mediaset Studios, the Italian looked surprised at the videos in which he saw Adara posing leave her husband

Hugo Sierra, to have an affair with him. The audience was also surprised that Gianmarco, the first thing he said before watching these videos, is that he saw Adara as "a friend".

'GH VIP 7': Gianmarco and Adara shattered, expelled and nominated Gala 10

'GH VIP 7': Gianmarco and Adara shattered, expelled and nominated Gala 10

However, the insistence of Jorge Javier repeatedly asking if he was "in love" with his partner seemed to guide the contestant Towards a new answer. Until the time came when Adara's mother raised the question, face to face, with no possible escape: "Are you in love with my daughter?"

After a few seconds of silence, Giamarco answers "yes". Then the Italian began to cry. Social confusion spread among those who felt that their response had been sincere and those who believed that everything was a montage to stay longer inside the house.

Today, however, a video has appeared that some believe could prove the theory of assembly. And when Gianmarco has to respond to Adara's mother, Luca, his brother also present on set, seems to make a nod. As if indicating or pointing to his brother what he should answer.

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