Lpez Aguilar, in the seminar 'Old age, divine treasure'

Lpez Aguilar, in the seminar 'Old age, divine treasure'

The seminarOld age, divine treasurearrives Thursday, February 14, at its end at the headquarters inVeguetaof the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Pas de Gran Canaria, presided over by Toms Van de Walle.

The director of the cycle, the writer, journalist and sociologist Antonio Puente, will expose theNencia Palabras mayores: old age in current literatureat 7:00 p.m. Juan Fernando Lpez Aguilar, Member of the European Social Democratic Group and Professor of Constitutional Law of theULPGC, to pronounce the closing conference at 8:00 PM, with the title Hacindose mayor: Europe, from old continent to old continent.


In his contribution to the seminar, Puente reflects on the image of old age in contemporary literature. Old age as a literary theme is as old as poetry and philosophy: "Is it evident"?directorof the seminar? "We are born as a species and we die as individuals, and we are born with space and die over time." Lpez Aguilar closes the seminar with a reflection on the aging of Europe, a trend that experts in population know as "demographic winter. "The former Minister of Justice sees in it" a challenge that was not known until the end of the 20th century "and that" today it pairs us in the EU as an old continent in the face of a vertiginous world ".


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