April 14, 2021

Low cost template to stop sexist murders | Society

Low cost template to stop sexist murders | Society

For a long time the main message for women victims of machist violencea was alone: ​​"Complaint, do not shut up. Call". The services to attend them before they state what is happening to them (telephone 016) or when they are already immersed in the process (control bracelets to abusers of the Cometa service) are attended mainly by specialized workers who charge as teleoperators, with salaries mileuristas and precariousness, according to the UGT complaint in a report that analyzes the working conditions of both staff.

The outsourcing of these services, managed by private companies, "limits the exercise of the rights of women victims of gender violence," according to the report. The deputy secretary general of UGT, Cristina Antoñanzas, goes further. Asked if the service as it is now provided puts women at risk, she replies: "Yes, I am going to be very clear, of course it endangers them". She adds that the workers "do it in the best possible way" but that "the adequate service is not being given". Therefore, UGT, which has sent the document to the Government, asks Pedro Sánchez to directly manage both services.

In the 016 work 24 people, mainly women, employed by the Atenzia company, which won the contest last year after presenting alone. The majority (14) of the women are employed as "telephone managers" for 1,064 euros gross per month, according to the data of the union. They are the ones that answer the calls, the ones that listen to the victims who take the first step to denounce or call only to vent.

"We do not do therapy or anything like it, our job is to engage women to get out of the circle of violence," says one of them in the report presented Thursday on the Ministry of Equality, asked by this newspaper , has not been pronounced yet. Contracted by the agreement of telemarketing, they appear as teleoperators without academic qualification although they do. If the agreement included them as social workers or psychologists, they would gain 27% more according to UGT. If they depended directly on public administration, almost half more (46%). The secretary of Equality of UGT, Cristina Antoñanzas has denounced on Thursday that the State Pact to count the Gender Violence, approved in the Congress unanimously and currently in process, "has not implied any improvement in the quality of work of these women" 016 and Cometa, whose employment conditions qualify as "unworthy".

The situation is similar in the case of the workers of the Cometa service, where the 47 operators hired by Telefónica for the private security agreement -which opted for the contract for the second time after it was deserted in 2017- charge 901.61 gross euros per month. , according to UGT data. "The workers who bring direct attention to women victims of violence and their attackers have been categorized by their employer as alarm operators, "they say, denouncing that an organizational model has been implemented" typical of call center"with action time measurements.

For example, if an aggressor enters the exclusion zone, which causes the alarm system of the wristband worn by him and the victim to be activated, the management in the Comenta center must be managed in three minutes, according to the report. At that time they must locate both, notify the police, call the victim, inform the police again and, finally, call the offender. "If an aggressor is 50 meters away from a woman and she is very nervous, very upset, hysterical, how am I going to be thinking about not leaving time and hang up as soon as possible so that it does not harm me in my audit?" , asks a Cometa worker.

The union demands that the Government assume the direct management of both services "as soon as the contracts already signed". The last two specifications of both contracts were drafted by the previous Government, PP. As a transitory measure, that the Government Delegation for Gender Violence, headed by Pilar Llop, exercise the "control function", create a commission to control outsourcing in the Observatory of Gender Violence or guarantee that the services are provided "by qualified personnel" in gender violence that is "categorized and remunerated as such".

The author of the report, the researcher Marta Cabezas, alludes to the fact that the situation of these two companies is only "the tip of the iceberg" of the services of attention to the victims. "We talk to the workers of other services and we know that this problem also occurs at the municipal and regional level." In the following work, they will analyze the conditions of these other templates, also formed mostly by women. Cabezas also denounces the "insufficient control" on the part of public administrations. And remember that "outsourcing a service is not the same as privatizing, ownership remains public."

After Atienza assumed the service of 016 in 2017, the workers moved to a new location -which they do not reveal- and that the employees consulted for the report define this way: "The place where we work today is degrading. It's dirty, we do not have security, we do not have any furniture, there are folders lying on the floor. "Another says that they feel abandoned by the company and by the Government Delegation against Gender Violence:" In psychology it's called Learned helplessness We learned that whatever we do, we do not get anything. "


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