Love | Television | THE COUNTRY

Love | Television | THE COUNTRY

Once upon a time there was a country in which the infants and pubescents of order had to check the ecclesiastical classification of the film before they could see it: from 1 (suitable for all audiences) to 4 (seriously dangerous). I love Dick, the series of Amazon, would be seriously dangerous, that is, would stimulate the desire to see it and, probably, would enhance the falsification of identity cards if the doorman of the premises were lovers of the established. A time and a country on which it would be best to run a veil, although some of our politicians seem to be tempted to discover it again.

A marriage cool New Yorker arrives at Marfa, a ramshackle Texan town that has among its inhabitants a famous sculptor and patron of avant-garde arts. He has obtained one of the scholarships that the sponsor finances. She, director of experimental and almost invisible cinema, accompanies him. Soon she will feel a great attraction for the sculptor with the initial complicity of her husband and the disdain of the third. Love, seduction and orgasms show their complexity with the coming and going of feelings, so typical of heart complications. It's like a long journey from the routine coexistence to the emergence of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin levels.

Eight chapters of about 30 minutes each with excellent performances by the three protagonists: Kathryn Hahn (Transparent), Griffin Dunne (the fucking master of After hours, what Maíllo would say) and Kevin Bacon (Mystic River), although the star in the shadow, the talent, corresponds to the lady who devised, wrote and directed the series: Jill Soloway (Two meters underground, Transparent).

I love Dick it stands out from the stereotypes of entertainment, although, sometimes, its long dialogues border on pedantry and in others they show a deep knowledge of what we call love, without distinction of genres. An impeccable soundtrack and a landscape of interest for moviegoers: it was shot there Giant.


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