Love of Lesbian, at the Latin Grammys: “If you come to take it seriously, you’re going to get bored”

Santi Balmes, vocalist of Love of Lesbian.

Santi Balmes, vocalist of Love of Lesbian.

Love of lesbian come to USA to defend his three nominations for the Latin Grammy and, incidentally, pave the way for the tour that next year will take them to concert halls in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We always start from the premise that it will go wrongSo that creates an armor and protection for us because everything that can happen will always be better, “summarizes Jordi Roig with his colleagues in the city of Las Vegas (USA), where the most important awards in Latin music will be awarded.

The spanish band is a candidate for three awards in the categories for best pop / rock album (VEHN), best rock song (‘El Sur’ Ft. Bunbury) and best pop / rock song (‘Cosmos (Antisistema Solar)’).

It is difficult for us to navigate this, others live it more naturally“, maintains the vocalist of the band, Santi Balmes, on the paraphernalia that surrounds the event.

Despite the fact that ‘VEHN (Epic Journey to Nothing)’ is an album that shows the evolution of the musicians of Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona), with more powerful sounds and first-rate collaborations, Balmes believes that the nomination is a long-term recognition.

Our environment has changed, not us. I’m not going to be modest, but I think there are a few albums that deserve to be nominated. It is simply that we are becoming better known, not at the level of people, but of the industry, “explains the singer.

Thus, the authors of ‘There where we used to shout’ believe that The interest they have aroused in Latin America has contributed to the Latin Recording Academy, an institution based in Miami, finally set his sights on his work.

“It was like the third life of the cat. Almost like a renewed energy when in Spain the circuit began to be monotonous”, describes Balmes, qualifying that by “monotonous” he refers to a terrain of “no surprise”.

“Then you read it and it looks strange,” he rectifies.

Although the musician and writer also defends that Love of Lesbian continues to be “a band that sings about what happens in the streets of Barcelona”, the colors, accents and sounds of the other continent are influencing the new compositions of the group more than ever.

And the public is responding, as the formation does not forget the 2018 concert in which it celebrated its twentieth anniversary in front of 10,000 spectators gathered at the National Auditorium of Mexico.

It made no sense that the music was traveling to other countries and we stayed in the same coordinate“recalls Julián Saldarriaga.

At the moment, the group has traveled to Las Vegas with a tip to enjoy the Latin Grammy, “If you come to take it seriously, you will get bored”, and the intention of promoting his tour of the United States, something more important than the pat of encouragement that the awards represent.

Specifically, Love of Lesbian will perform on March 23, 2022 in Sacramento, on March 24 in San Francisco, on 25 in Los Angeles, on 27 in Anaheim and will end on March 29 in San Diego.

“Sometimes you have a certain feeling of inferiority or of being an infiltrator who does not go with all the weapons, if you compare him with other guests who go with an entourage and understand the language that must be followed here,” says Balmes.

Although they are enjoying the “feeling of camaraderie” with other Spanish nominees who have traveled to Las Vegas as Rozalén, Fuel Fandango, Leiva and C. Tangana.

“It is especially strong when you meet Spaniards on the other side of the pond. You take it for granted there,” he concludes.


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