Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

‘Love of Lesbian’ already works on his next album

More than three years have passed since the launch in March 2016 of The poet Halley, the eighth and still last studio album of Love of Lesbian. The Barcelona band has not stopped making kilometers and acting since then and, in fact, they are embarking this summer on a festival tour that still has a few dates ahead.

Despite this ceaseless activity, the group is already thinking about their next album and shaping the songs they currently have in their hands. Working on his new installment, in short, although at a very early stage. This was recently announced by the vocalist Santi Balmes through your account Twitter: “Reviewing the sketches of new songs. Hunting floating concepts. ”

Without giving more clues about the moment in which those songs may be ready, what seems clear is that once they finish their tour on September 14 in Malaga, they will focus on their next work.

"The work that comes with the new album is mastodóntico", Santi Balmes wrote in a message that has been answered even by Pancho Varona offering to give him a cable in case of trouble.

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