March 7, 2021

Love is in the air with 'The lovers of heaven' – The Province

The lovers of heaven, the most romantic proposal of the twenty-third edition of the Festival of Theater, Music and Dance, draws a story of love and humor full of irony today and tomorrow in the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo, where an extraordinary duo of acrobatic dance Italian Italo will be suspended ten meters from the ground in the plaza del Pilar Nuevo. This piece by the Italian company Mattatoio Sospeso tells a story about a romantic tragedy that includes acrobatics, circus, street theater, music and poetry.

The director of the Festival, Marisol García, presented this proposal yesterday together with Marco Mannucci, director and interpreter, Alessandra Lanciotti, dancer, and Sandro Angius, musical composer, the details of the third show of this new edition of Temudas. The members of the company explained that the narration of this love story will not only be in Italian, but that for the first time it will be largely in Spanish and that, in addition, "there will be surprises that will be unveiled during the performance."


In addition, the company highlighted that The lovers of heaven It is a show that combines irony, skill and precision. A powerful fusion of dance and circus that, for 45 minutes, defies the limits of the human body with great skill and precision.

For this, the pair of lovers "will climb to the roof of the Casa de Colón with the complicity of the public and with the live music created by Sandro Angius to convince the flying woman". It is, they said, "a living and creative proposal where urban space, architecture and the human factor interact". Turning the reality ninety degrees, "The lovers of heaven" offers "adventure, love, risk and sense of vertigo," they stressed.

To witness this extraordinary love story, tinged with romantic nuances and set at the end of 1800 in a traditional circus, the public will only have to look up to the sky and follow the audacious and prodigious flight of this couple of lovers who will take the architecture to another dimension.

It should also be noted that the contemporary circus show The lovers of heaven won the third OFF Mimos Award 2016 of the International Festival of the arts of mime and gestures of Pérgueux. On the other hand, Mattatoio Sospeso is an aerial and vertical dance company founded by Marco Mannucci in 2006 in which his promoter mixes dance, acrobatics, street theater, poetry and circus.

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