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Love, intrigue and acrobatics only for adults in the fascinating Benidorm of Isabel Coixet

A Obese man with red eyes he walks a pedestrian street doing these but comfortably sitting in his electric cart. On a basket attached to the handlebar carries a gin bottle. In any other place we would think that it is an invalid who has decided to get drunk. Not here; here we know that it is a tourist or expatriate in his retirement, surely British and without mobility problems beyond those caused by alcohol. Not far away we see a woman whose pants have the zipper back, middle and bottom. And there is also someone with a mask that simulates the head of a horse.


This is the way inside spa town with more skyscrapers in Spain in the version that
Isabel Coixet
and members of his team compose during his talk with a group of journalists shortly before the filming of
It snows in Benidorm
: a “romantic thriller” that highlights “the possibility“That the most unlikely things happen, as the filmmaker tells us in a filming visit.

Isabel Coixet, who always personally signs her films, during the filming of 'Nieva in Benidorm'

Isabel Coixet, who always personally signs her films, during the filming of ‘Nieva in Benidorm’

In fact, the conversation takes place shortly after a really shocking scene. It happens in the Mirador del Castell, where the mayor of the municipality, Toni Pérez (PP), has come to take the picture with the filmmaker and his people. The inn coincides with a concentration of police officers accompanied by “thirty classes of trained dogs” – says the mayor -, police who in turn take selfies with their dogs all over the viewpoint. Between photographers and models, one of those carts of people so invalid is crossed from time to time. “This is almost dreamlike,” we told Coixet at the end of the photo shoot. “And so much! That’s why I’m here! ”He replies.

Timothy Spall and Sarita Choudhury star in what producer Agustín Almodóvar describes as a film “different from all of the above” by Coixet

The possible but rare stories that tells the film of the Catalan have as central protagonist Peter Riordan, played by
Timothy Spall
: a solitary and methodical sixty obsessed with meteorological phenomena. When he is retired from the bank where he works in Manchester, the man decides to visit his brother Daniel, who lives in Benidorm.

But when he arrived in the city of Alicante, Peter discovers that his brother has disappeared. And that he owned a burlesque club where Alex works, embodied by
Sarita Choudhury
. Peter is fascinated by this woman. Both undertake the search for Daniel with the help of a police (Carmen Machi) who does not stop talking about the poet’s step
Sylvia Plath
by Benidorm in the 50s. The great actor also intervenes in the film Pedro Casablanc.

It was here that I first heard of vaginal acrobatics. ”

In his unexpected and transformative experience in the Spanish village, Peter discovers that at any time it is feasible to start over from scratch. Everything can happen. Even see snow in Benidorm.

The idea of ​​the script came to Coixet
following a documentary on urban degradation on the coast. She then met a city that surprised her in all aspects. “It was here that I first heard of vaginal acrobatics. And where things happen like a Yorkshire taxi driver discovers he wants to be a
drag queen
“, He says.

Benidorm is “the Disneyland of the elderly”, only that there “some will extend life and others will die”

Benidorm is a place, adds the author, where The people are content”. This is, adds the film’s art director,
Uxua Castelló
, from “Disneyland of the Third Age”; with a beach area where some older people are going to “extend life” through walks and a different one where others “are going to die” giving everything under the motto
Carpe Diem

The adult-only female acrobatics has its reflection in the film, we do not know how intensely, through the appearance of the artist Carmen Snake, in whose real high-voltage show a snake intervenes.

The film has a budget of 4.4 million and is scheduled to be released in November

The Barcelona director crossed her findings about Benidorm with what was left of a failed project, along with also the directors Liv Ullman and Claire Denis, about the figure of the fatal woman. From all this came a movie “
”, He points out, that it was changing even during filming, partly because of the interaction with that character that in itself is Benidorm.

Under umbrella of the Almodóvar and its producer The desire
, the film is shot in English and Spanish. The budget is of 4.4 million euros and the premiere is scheduled in November. The idea is to present it two months before in a great festival, to be able to be the one of Venice or if not that of Saint Sebastian.Intrigue is not missing on how the film will finally be. “Unlike all the previous Coixet”, promises Agustín Almodóvar.

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