April 15, 2021

Love fails in the Canary Islands – The Province

Love fails in the Canary Islands - The Province

Valentine's Day It is a celebration that has its origin in Rome in the third century. According to legend, a priest called Valentine's Day He challenged the orders of Emperor Claudius Aurelius, who had forbidden marriages among young people, as he believed that single men without family were better soldiers. The priest celebrated marriages in secret, and finally he was executed February 14th. However, this triumph of love against the rules that try to drown it seems to be slowly disappearing. Against this love, divorces are becoming more common. In 2005 there were almost 73,000 divorces in Spain.

In 2017, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, they were more than 97,000 couples who divorced. According to the psychologist Tamara de la Rosa, the main reason for the ruptures today is the lack of communication, with the passage of time appear needs that are not covered and dissatisfactions that accumulate.

In the last twelve years the ruptures have grown. In this sense, the Canary Islands stood, in 2017, at the head of the autonomous communities with a total of 5108 registered, compared to more than 4,400 in 2005. According to these data, During that period of twelve years, divorces in the Canary Islands accounted for 6% of the ruptures nationwide. It would be necessary to take into account the change of legislation produced in 2005 regarding the judicial resolution of divorces, which markedly accelerated the separation process. However, the number of marriages has also been increasing, During the last years, it has grown an average of 6%. The most recent data from the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics speak of more than 7,000 marriages. Of the total, 8% of those unions were homosexual in nature, which have also increased over the years.

On the other hand, of the registered marriages in the Canary Islands during 2016, 1,528 were celebrated by the Church and 5,475 by the civil. In this sense, we can deduce the distance with the religion of the new couples. In this way, new matrimonial tendencies have appeared, such as homosexual couples, who previously did not have a way to formalize their relationship, far from the traditional canon.

Both the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with 2,588 and 2,520 divorces respectively in 2017, far surpass the national average of that same year, which stands at 1,844 annual divorces.

In conclusion, the paradigm of love has varied a lot over the years, and more in the Canary Islands. The legend of Valentine's Day, although it resurfaces strongly every February 14thIt is not as romantic as it was in the 3rd century, and it does not honor how love has changed on the Islands.


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