Lotera del Nio 2020 | Each canary spend about 13.88 euros in the Lotera of 'El Nio' - La Provincia

Each canary will spend an average of 13.88 euros in buying tenths for him Extraordinary Draw for the 'El Niño' 2020 Lottery and they are among the least disbursed, while the islands are also among the autonomies with less tenths recorded with 29.5 million.

For their part, the Spanish will spend an average of 18.21 euros on Draw, which represents 0.18 euros less than the previous year, according to the consignment figure per inhabitant of the State Lottery and State Betting Society (SELAE).

By regions, the autonomous community that is expected to spend more per capita this year is Castilla y León, with an average of 27.79 euros, followed by Asturias (27.28 euros), Valencian Community (25.44 euros), Basque Country (23.55 euros), Aragon (22.69 euros), The Rioja (22.49 euros), Murcia (21.96 euros), Cantabria (21.82 euros), Castilla la Mancha (19.96 euros) and Madrid (18.36 euros).

Meanwhile, those who are least going to spend this year are again the inhabitants of the autonomous cities of Melilla (4.23 euros) and Ceuta (4.38 euros), which are followed by Balearics (10.75 euros), Estremadura (12.83 euros), Catalonia (13.04 euros), Canary Islands (13.88 euros), Andalusia (14.69 euros), Navarre (14.77 euros) and Galicia (17.21 euros).

By autonomous communities, where more lottery of 'El Niño' is going to be sold is expected to be in the Valencian Community (126.26 million euros entered), followed by Andalusia (123.14 million euros), the Madrid's community (120.78 million euros), Catalonia (99.13 million euros), Castilla y León (66.95 million euros), Basque Country (51.79 million euros), Galicia (46.5 million euros), Castilla la Mancha (40.4 million euros), Murcia (32.4 million euros) and Aragon (29.7 million euros).

On the contrary, the least 'El Niño' lottery They are consigned Melilla (365,600 euros) and Ceuta (373,200 euros), La Rioja (7.09 million euros), Navarra (9.5 million euros), Balearic Islands (12.1 million euros), Cantabria (12, 6 million euros), Extremadura (13.7 million euros), Asturias (28.05 million euros) and the Canary Islands (29.5 million euros).


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