August 3, 2020

Lotera Christmas APP 2019: Check live if you have been touched – La Provincia

Prensa Ibérica and ZETA join this year so you can follow all the winning numbers live on your mobile Christmas Lottery 2019 and that you be the first to find out everything happens in the expected draw.

The Royal Theater of Madrid hosts the event for another year, but if you do not live in Madrid and cannot attend, we have the perfect solution for you to know before anyone else Christmas Lottery prizes.

You can follow the draw of the draw On this page, where you can also check in real time if your number has been one of the winners. But to complete our coverage and help you check if you are one of the winners, too We have launched an APP from which you can meet 'El Gordo' and the rest of winning numbers.

What does our 2019 Christmas Lottery APP offer?
In our application you will find this search engine in which the winning numbers will appear live with the Fat Christmas Lottery and in addition, you will be able to check each one of your tenths live during the draw and will indicate if you have been awarded with pedrea, approaches …

Getting the APP is very simple, you just have to look for it in Google Play If your mobile is Android or in the Apple Store if your smartphone is iOS. Once the APP is located, you will only have to download it and that's it, you will have everything you need to be the first to know about all the Christmas Lottery prizes.

Main novelties of the Christmas Lottery 2019

Remember that this year the prizes for the 2019 Christmas raffle will pay less taxes than previous years. In this way, of the 400,000 euros to the tenth that 'El Gordo' distributes, only 20% of 380,000 euros is taxed, so that the winners will take home a total of 324,000 euros. Check if you are one of the winners in our Christmas Lottery Checker.

Of the second prize, endowed with 125,000 to the tenth, only 105,000 euros are taxed, with the Treasury remaining a total of 21,000 euros and the winners with 104,000 euros. Of the third prize of the Christmas Lottery, which distributes 50,000 euros per tenth, only 30,000 euros are taxed, so that the winners will keep 44,000 euros and only have to pay the Treasury a total of 6,000 euros.


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