Lost in Aliexpress: how to choose well in the largest store in the world | Trends

Lost in Aliexpress: how to choose well in the largest store in the world | Trends

All the comparisons about the company founded by Jack Ma in 2010 sound a bit hackneyed. I like to get lyrical and think of AliExpress as a kind of Chinese version of the Aleph, that Jorge Luis Borges saw and that was only "one of the points of space that contain all the points". Or what is the same, if it is true that there are other universes, all are on AliExpress … and at a small price.

According to the magazine Insider Bussiness, from 2016 to 2017 the e-commerce company grew 80% in the world. In Spain we feel true passion for it: in 2017, 16.9 million orders were made through its portal and its sales reached 1,234 million euros, according to The eShow Magazine.

The big question that one must answer when entering AliExpress is: what do I need? Nothing for me A lot for the creature that comes on the way, which I will equip on AliExpress. I expect, according to the latest calculations, more than 200,000 suppliers with everything a human brain has been able to imagine.

Traitor translator

The company and the fans affirm, without blushing, that one of the advantages is that the page is in Spanish. Arguably, it is little. Aliexpress does not translate, it creates a new language halfway through Spanish and the na'vi of the aliens of Avatar. If you are looking for something, better do it in English … or it can happen to you like me, looking for a pacifier, I ended up finding a "nipple baby".

Good pretty and cheap?

In general, it is advisable to buy products below € 22: if they cost more, they can be retained at customs and the price goes up. An example: I noticed an air purifier (in aliexpressan: "portable oxygen generator, mini household oxygen, which makes the machine for the old man / pregnant woman, oxygen"). It cost € 149.84 (watch out, prices vary in minutes!). But you can add up to € 135 between VAT, tariffs, shipping, etc.

Express only has the name

Most of the packages are sent by ordinary mail, because international courier couriers are very scrupulous with the law and with them you do not get rid of extra costs. There is a whole picaresque to avoid the dreaded customs that passes by marking packages as gifts, for example. Conclusion? Aliexpress is for people with patience. An order can take between 15 and 45 days, that is, you can buy a cute umbrella hat and it arrives in summer.

If you do not want to spend a lot, AliExpress is a real festival of humor, a postmodern shop in which the most unusual items are sold.

And, in addition, AliExpress contains the most psychotropic translations in the world. What do I say translations? Poems! Odes to the language that would send to the unemployment queue Dadaists, Surrealists and other impostors of transgression. But nothing frightens me: the Chinese feel authentic devotion for their children (and, ahem, they announce a striking 40% discount in their children's section).

AliExpress is the Chinese Grand Bazaar. But the real one, not the corner of any street. Although with our proximity Chinese it shares the same exhibition chaos. The disorder is such that there are even websites specialized in organizing products, such as Thieve.co. Honestly, the same products in one and the other look different.

Let's leave aside the trillions of pieces of clothing, because for something we are in a technology magazine. The most curious thing when entering the universe of children is the amount of hygiene products that Asian vendors put at your disposal. There must be a real obsession – we suppose – with cleanliness among the Chinese middle classes.

There are, for example, plastic peepers that are hooked to the diaper and that are connected to an app (it does not specify if with the interface in Chinese or Spanish), which should be essential for parents who have lost their sense of touch and of smell.

Also, like the Teletubbies, the pee-pee detector is in four colors, which is causing me to reconsider having a large family. It's something that happens constantly on AliExpress: every time you look for something, chance brings you to something different. It's like one of those novels of Choose your own adventure but without being able to choose anything, as overwhelmed as you are by the offer.

Thus, the plethora of gadgets rechargeable by USB for the baby is infinite: from a blower to a bottle warmer and even a kind of drill to clean ear wax from babies' ears. The problems of homologation with the European Union are a classic of the products sold by AliExpress. It has become popular with certain evil that its products are not reliable. A certain Eurocentric vision of the Eastern world and some intoxication by the competition are gathered here.

Our advice is to buy products under 22 euros to avoid customs duties and, always, do it armed with a Zen patience.

Obviously, among the hundreds of thousands of sellers there is always someone who tries to give you a hare, but according to experts, those who are above 97% rating are as serious as anyone. After surpassing the more than 100 million users around the world, it seems evident that not everyone can be wrong.


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