July 23, 2021

Los Reyes, on Caballé: "She was the best among the best" | Culture

Los Reyes, on Caballé: "She was the best among the best" | Culture

Spain and especially Catalonia cries this Saturday the death of the soprano Montserrat Caballé at 85 years old. From politics, one of the first to echo the "sad news" has been eThe President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who regretted the death of a figure he has defined as a "great ambassador of our country" and "an internationally recognized soprano. " "His voice and his sweetness will always remain with us", has indicated Sanchez on Twitter.

The Royal House has reminded Caballé, winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts in 1991, as "the great lady of the opera" and "the best among the best". "It was La Caballé, the great opera lady, legend of universal culture, the best among the best and capable of discovering new spaces of creation with the greatest", has indicated the Crown on Twitter. The message, which concludes feeling "much loss", also highlights that "his personality and unique voice will always accompany us."

The soprano died at the age of 85 at dawn this Saturday at the Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona, ​​where she was hospitalized since mid-September, hospital sources have reported. The funeral will be Monday at noon at the funeral of Les Corts, while the wake will be this Sunday from 2 pm at the same center.

The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has highlighted that the soprano was a "unique singer in the world of opera" and universal Catalan. Speaking to Catalunya Ràdio After knowing the death, Torra has stressed that she was "an extraordinary woman" and "one of the great singers" of Rossini's works. "It's a great loss," he lamented. In addition to highlighting his career as an artist, he has highlighted his "side as a universal Catalan, exporter of the name of Catalonia", and says he deserves "a tribute of country."

The Minister of Culture of the Generalitat, Laura Borràs, has indicated that the soprano had a voice "considered internationally as one of the most perfect". Speaking to TV3, she recalled that "she was endowed with a great technique and great interpretative skills". On whether it is planned to organize a great tribute, the counselor he has considered that he is still "premature" and has remembered that in life he received all the prizes and distinctions and now it is a moment for the family and private condolences.

"It leaves us one of the greats of our music, a universal figure of Spanish culture." There remains his enormous legacy, of which I will never forget his marvelous Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games ", resume also on Twitter the leader of Cuidadanos, Albert Rivera.

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has written on the same social network: "Sad news of the death of Montserrat Caballé, today the lovers of her voice and all Spaniards are in mourning. Casado remembers that the soprano was one of the most important Spanish of the 20th century, an "icon of international music" and believes that his legacy will be enjoyed "forever".


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