Los Llanos begins the payment of the money donated to the families affected by the La Palma volcano

The Los Llanos de Aridane City Council has begun to pay the aid received through donations to families affected by the La Palma volcano, "long-awaited" contributions that will allow these families to cover their basic needs. The first transfers have been made and on Monday they will be in the accounts of the affected people.

To facilitate the processing for citizens and that they did not have to submit documentation again, it was decided to use the single record data, which have been provided by the Canary Islands Government this Wednesday and the first aid payments have already been decreed and paid, with the next remittances continuing next week.

From the City Council it is reported that even if they are donations, the administration has the obligation to distribute aid with a transparent procedure, where all affected residents have the same opportunities to access donated funds, and that the entire money collected goes directly to the accounts of the victims.

From the Consistory they explain that the € 1,786,445.80 collected. These amounts have begun to be transferred, "once the single registry office of the Canary Islands Government has facilitated the procedures to begin distributing them among the affected families."

The aid ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 euros, "if the family unit is made up of one member the amount to be received is 1,000 euros, if there are two members the amount to be received is 1,500 euros, if it is made up of three people the amount will be 2,000 euros, if it is made up of Four people the amount will be 2,500 euros, if there are five people it will be 3,000 euros, while if there are six or more members the amount to be received will be 4,000 euros.

The Council also reports that from the first moment of the emergency, the municipal social services have helped these families with their own funds to meet your needs in these hard times. Finally, the City Council thanks, once again, the wave of solidarity received during these months since the volcanic crisis began.


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