'Los Javis' return as teachers to 'OT 2018' after the dismissal of Itziar Castro | TV

'Los Javis' return as teachers to 'OT 2018' after the dismissal of Itziar Castro | TV

Operation Triunfo 2018 has experienced a small earthquake in the last hours with the dismissal of his interpretation teacher, Itziar Castro. This Thursday has announced to the contestants who will be their new teachers: Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo. The Javis they return as well as interpretation teachers to the OT academy, since they already had in the edition of 2017.

"It is bad for us to come at a delicate moment," Javier Calvo told the students after his appointment to the faculty was announced. "It was a decision made talking to Naomi [Galera, directora de la academia], the address and with Itziar, "Calvo clarified." I sent you a kiss and I was very proud of what you did at the gala yesterday, "Ambrossi added to the students.

"Our commitment is with the program but above all with your learning," Calvo continued. "And we are also here because I feel that not having been from the beginning has been a crap on our part because we thought we were not going to be able to do everything, we got off a boat that we should never have gotten off," he finished. Ambrossi in his first words to the students as teachers of OT 2018.

The Javis They had already participated in this edition of the program with two master classes after which they received some criticism in social networks due to the pressure they subjected to the students. Now they say they will try to lower the intensity of the classes to go "little by little."

The producer of the program decided to dispense with the actress nominated for a Goya award, and so they have communicated it to the students today. "The reason for this decision is that Itziar Castro has not achieved the expected objectives in his area," said the statement in which Gestmusic explained the decision. On Wednesday, the actress, through her representatives, clarified that the decision had been taken "unilaterally by the program's management and communicated hastily and without Itziar Castro waiting for it."


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