August 8, 2020

Loro Parque releases six green macaws – La Provincia

The Loro Parque Fundación has recently contributed to the reintroduction of six specimens of the Guayaquil greater green macaw ( Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis) in its natural habitat, a success that has been possible thanks to the work of the Jocotoco Foundation and the collaboration of other associations and local communities. This subspecies is critically endangered and only 60 specimens have been counted in the wild. Therefore, the objective of this release is to increase this small population and its genetic diversity and save the species from extinction. In this sense, the Loro Parque Fundación has collaborated technically and financially through five projects in the conservation of this species with an investment of almost $ 500,000 since 1997. In fact, it is not the first time that macaws of this subspecies have been freed in Ecuador. 14 specimens had previously been reintroduced, of which two have had young in the Ayampe reserve. Now, the release of these three couples born at the Jambelí Rescue Center took place in Las Balsas, in Santa Elena, because two of the previously reintroduced specimens were sighted.


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