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Loro Parque Fundacin celebrates 25 years of commitment to nature – La Provincia

Today, Friday, September 13, Loro Parque Fundación celebrates 25 years of love for nature and commitment to its conservation. The organization, non-profit and created by Loro Parque in 1994, throughout its history, it has allocated 19.7 million dollars to 180 conservation projects on five continents and has helped save 9 species of parrots from their total extinction.

The seed: the spirit of environmental protection of Wolfgang Kiessling

Although the official registration date of the Foundation is September 13, 1994, its beginnings date back to 1987, when Loro Parque began financing a first parrot conservation project with the aim of saving two endemic Amazons of the Caribbean island of Dominica

At that time, nature conservation was not a widespread trend as it is today and the protection of animals was only in the mood of some pioneers such as Wolfgang Kiessling, which quickly understood the need to help some species that were already beginning to lose their habitats in the face of the vertiginous growth of the world population.

Thus, thanks to this spirit of environmental protection and the suggestion of the then director CITES scientist, Obdulio Menghi, the conservation works of Loro Parque were consolidated to create the Foundation in 1992. Nationally, this project soon fell short for the needs that were presented in different countries of the world, and finally in 1994 Loro Parque Fundación, an organization with International field of action.

Its objectives were, on the one hand, to channel the management of parrot conservation projects and, on the other, to preserve the enormous biodiversity of the parrot collection that Loro Parque had treasured since its opening in 1972. Therefore, the Park donated to the Foundation the property of all its collection of parrots, in addition to generously committing to cover the costs of its maintenance, so that the full benefits of the sale of surpluses could be dedicated to conservation projects.

9 species saved from extinction

Undoubtedly, the greatest achievement of Loro Parque Fundación has been to demonstrate that conservation efforts bear fruit and that it is possible to save species from extinction. Thanks to the exclusive funding of the Foundation or in collaboration with other donors, the threat category of 9 threatened parrot species on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has been reduced: the yellow-eared parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis ), Lear's macaw (Anodorhynchus leari), the parrot of Mauritius (Psittacula eques), the head-headed macaw (Primolius couloni), the red-haired amazon (Amazona brasiliensis), the horned parakeet (Eunymphicus cornutus), the inseparable nipples (Agapornis nigis) ), the Cuban Amazon (Amazona leucocephala) and the Tanimbar Cockatoo (Cacatua goffiniana).

This success would not have been possible without the generous contribution of Loro Parque, which has financially consolidated the Foundation; without the contributions of its multiple sponsors and donors, and without those of the several thousand lovers of parrots that They have collaborated as members in recent years.

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