July 25, 2021

Lorenzo will not run the Thailand GP: "It's not worth taking risks here" | sports

Lorenzo will not run the Thailand GP: "It's not worth taking risks here" | sports

No longer crutches, with an orthopedic boot on the right foot that helps him walk, with a splint that holds his left wrist. And with the face of circumstances. This is how Jorge Lorenzo arrived at the Buriram circuit this Saturday morning. Less early than usual, too. Overall, I was not in a hurry either. He had decided the night before that he would not play the Thailand GP. Especially, because in addition to the injury with which he arrived in the Asian country after that terrible fall in Alcañiz that is still being talked about – the thumb of the dislocated right foot, a fracture in the second metatarsus of the same foot – he now also has a small fissure in the left wrist that makes everything even harder.

Because Jorge Lorenzo fell back 12 days later. He flew back into the air, hurled suddenly by his Ducati. Although this time it was not Márquez who, with an aggressive overtaking, blocked his way on reaching the first corner of the Aragonese circuit, neither he nor any other driver; this time, it was his bike, the Ducati, which caused his fall due to a "technical failure" of which the Italian team did not want to give more detail. And between some things and others, the Spanish will run out.

"I already said yesterday that the chances of him competing today were minimal. Now they have come down more. My wrist hurt a lot, that's why I wanted to go to the hospital, although in the circuit the doctors had told me that I did not have any fractures. It was not seen in the x-rays, but after a few hours I knew I had a fissure. " It was then, on Friday night, when he decided not to run. "It's not worth taking risks here. With this injury the braking is very complicated. If I was playing the World Cup or was less points than the first, I would try, but being so far away is not worth it, "he added.

There are two weeks left for the Japanese Grand Prix. And Lorenzo will try to reach the grand prize in the best possible way. He will try to give rest to that left hand, which is what worries him the most for the next race. And he will not even go home. "There's not much I can do with the injury other than keeping the area stable," he said.

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