January 23, 2021

Lorenzo also leaves the Japanese GP | sports

Lorenzo also leaves the Japanese GP | sports

Jorge Lorenzo has not recovered. And it will not run the grand prize of Japan, as before the one of Thailand was also lost. He continues limping, but it is not the foot or those two fingers that were injured a few weeks ago in Aragon which prevents him from competing in conditions. Back in the competition, in Thailand, he fell again, this time in a free practice on the first day of testing. And a small fracture was made in the radius, at the height of the wrist. He waited until Saturday, but the night did not improve his condition. I was not to run. In addition, it was very risky to expose himself to a more serious injury in case of a new fall. Almost two weeks later, the Spaniard has verified that his physical condition is still not the desired one.

In anticipation that the injury he suffered was not serious, nor required surgical intervention, Lorenzo decided to stay on Thai land these days. Rest and physical preparation. Initially they were passive physical works and it seemed that the fracture was evolving well, but to which he multiplied his efforts to try not to lose the physical tone in an attempt to arrive in good condition to Motegi, Lorenzo realized that something was not right. "It has not improved, the pain is similar and according to what position I do it hurts a lot," he warned on Thursday when he arrived at the Japanese circuit. In fact, he wanted to get tested again. And in a new CT scan that was performed at the Mito hospital, about 40 kilometers from Motegi, it was observed that the fracture, unlike what was initially believed, was a complete fracture.

Even so, the Spaniard wanted to test his feelings with the bike on Friday morning. It was enough with an attempt to turn the track. "The sensations have been even worse than expected, I would say later." He did not even complete a thrown round. And he did not feel safe enough to look for the desired speed. He aborted the turn before crossing the finish line. And he shook his head when entering the Ducati box. His weekend was over. "The problem is that with the effort of braking, especially in this track, where they are very strong, the bone moves. The pain does not worry me, with anesthesia or painkillers you can take it. What worries me is that the bone moves, "he explained Thursday. A day later he found that he did not have enough strength or confidence to continue. The pain left him out, also from the GP of Japan. "Motegi is not the best circuit to have a wrist injury, it has very strong braking," conceded Paolo Ciabatti, the team's director.

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