Lorena Roldán defends the dismissals made by the Citizen Manager and says that they do not generate controversy

The spokeswoman for Citizens in the Senate and leader of the party in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, has defended the dismissal, by the Management Committee of Cs, of two regional leaders critical of the national leadership and has affirmed that the Statutes and that no “controversy” has been generated.

At a press conference in the Senate, Roldán has indicated that the Manager is “the legitimate body to make decisions of this kind” because she is in charge of administering the party since the resignation of Albert Rivera as president until the celebration of the V General Assembly at the middle of March.

“I think it was a correct decision of the Manager”, “everything has been done following what our Statutes mark”, said after referring to the explanation given Wednesday by Manuel García Bofill, the president of this body that she did not It is part.

In this regard, he said that “it was appropriate to make these changes” in the Autonomous Committees and Provincial Committees of Cs – 59 in total – to fill positions that were vacant or to replace people who “had no representation or had no institutional position or organic. “


These changes include the replacement of the spokespersons of the Autonomous Committees of Asturias, Nacho Prendes, former vice president of the Congress of Deputies, and Castilla-La Mancha, Orlena de Miguel, formerly deputed by Guadalajara. Both have been critical of decisions of the former Executive chaired by Albert Rivera – of which they were a part – and have not hidden their discrepancies during the term of the Manager.

These two dismissals have led to several resignations in the party, including that of the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, who has resigned from his position in the Autonomous Committee.

In spite of this, Roldán has affirmed that the last decisions of the provisional direction of Citizens “have not generated any type of controversy beyond any specific person”. “It is a process that has been followed with full transparency and following what our Statutes mark,” he stressed.

According to the president of the Manager, Prendes and De Miguel have been relieved because none of them already held an organic position in the party or a public office.

Prendes was part of the National Executive until it was dissolved last November, and De Miguel had been until July. Neither of them had public office either, because Prendes lost the seat in November, while De Miguel was a deputy in 2016.


Although García Bofill and Roldán have alluded to the Citizens Statutes, they do not specify that in order to be a spokesperson for an Autonomous Committee, an additional organic office or a public office must be held.

In fact, two of the new regional spokesmen recently appointed by the Manager, Beatriz Pino (Galicia) and Joan Mesquida (Balearic Islands), lack public office, and the organic office holds it as members of the Manager because García Bofill himself decided to include them in her.

Following the explanations of the President of the Manager, from the orange formation they gave another justification: that the election of the positions that make up the Autonomous Committees is “discretionary by the Executive Committee” and that in this case the Manager “has maintained the criteria” applied by the Rivera Executive on that “to hold the position of party spokesman, this must be a national organic office or institutional office of Cs.”


On the possibility that Francisco Igea ends up aspiring to the Presidency of Citizens, facing the spokeswoman in Congress, Inés Arrimadas, in the primary, Roldán has said that the vice president of Castilla y León “is free to make the decisions he wants” .

Then, “it will be the militancy that decides” who should lead the party and what direction it should take, he added after highlighting that any affiliate can run because the presentation of guarantees is not required.


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