Lorena García excitedly announces to a doctor that she is pregnant: “We have had a regular time”

Lorena garcia, presenter of the summer edition of ‘Public mirror’, has made an important announcement about his personal life this Thursday morning. In the midst of the debate about vaccinating pregnant women, the journalist has revealed that she is expecting her second baby.

During a live connection with Dr. Rafael Bengoa, and taking advantage of the context in which the conversation was taking place, Lorena announced the news. “What do we do with pregnant women? It is almost a personal question, because I am pregnant”, he said, causing the surprise of his collaborators, who have rushed to congratulate him.

“Honestly, I put myself in the shoes of all the women who are doubting and the debate is hard. Gynecologists are very clear and tell us that we have to wait until week 20, now we listen to Health and it sends us the message to go to be vaccinated at any time “, he pointed out.

The doctor replied that, taking into account the studies, it is convenient “wait the first weeks and that it is not completely at the end of the pregnancy”. “The logical thing is that they begin to indicate that it be done in the second trimester of pregnancy,” he explained.

“I answer for myself, I was willing to get vaccinated and whatever it took, but now we speak for ourselves and our babies. What do we do?”, Said the presenter, who visibly moved, has confessed that the last weeks have been very complicated: “The information is contradictory. In my case I am 14 weeks old, I have passed the critical part and it has cost usWe have had a regular time. ”


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