L'Oréal Spain and Portugal create a cluster to lead changes in the beauty market




L'Oréal Spain Y L'Oréal Portugal They joined forces this Saturday and announced the creation of a new "ambitious, agile and efficient cluster to better serve both countries." L'Oréal explained that with this new entity it wants to respond to the rapid changes experienced by the beauty market, “which require an organization that not only adapts to these transformations, but also able to anticipate them, leading the change », have pointed out the Iberian subsidiaries of the French multinational.

The cluster will go live on January 1, 2022 and its headquarters will be in Madrid, maintaining offices in Portugal for local activation teams. The company has highlighted that this organization will allow them «Continue to promote its local proximity in both markets, with teams focused on activation and closeness to our customers and consumers ”.

At L'Oréal they also believe that this move will help them improve their efficiency and agility in an increasingly competitive environment. For the multinational, with heavy investments in the Iberian Peninsula, "increased efficiency will in turn allow invest in growth capabilities in both markets, taking advantage of existing synergies and complementarities and at the same time, promoting good practices and the exchange of knowledge within the cluster ”.

The new cluster aims to offer more enriching intercultural experiences, more attractive career paths and greater development opportunities for the teams of the company of Gallic origin. In addition to increasing the responsibilities of its staff In this sense, approximately 90% of L'Oréal Portugal employees will remain within the group, mainly in Portugal, while others have accepted an offer in Madrid to be part of this new project.

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