February 28, 2021

L'Oréal Paris celebrates 20 years of sponsorship of Madrid Fashion Week with a support of more than 30 million


L'Oréal Paris celebrates 20 years of support for Spanish fashion, as a makeup artist and official hairdresser of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week during 40 consecutive editions, demonstrating the complementarity of the fashion and beauty industries. A support that has meant more than 30 million from L'Oréal Paris, the cosmetics brand that has invested the most to support Spanish fashion.

This support has also been reflected in the 40 awards for the Best Collection and Best Model that L'Oréal Paris has delivered throughout the different editions and that They have recognized 21 designers and 39 models. L'Oréal Paris supports the work of Spanish designers through their awards, by boosting their professional career, both with an economic endowment and serving as an international platform, two of the great challenges that fashion designers have to face at present. In previous years these awards have catapulted designers of the likes of Alvarno, Juanjo Oliva, Juan Duyos or Teresa Helbig and models like Laura Sánchez or Marina Pérez.

"From L'Oréal Paris, we are delighted to celebrate these 20 years of collaboration with MBFW. A support in which we have been pioneers in the world for the brand, since Spain has been the first country to be linked to the fashion industry, and then other great alliances have been created on the catwalks of Paris, London or Milan " , says Esther García, director of L'Oréal Paris in Spain.

17 Spanish designers in a single parade

To celebrate 20 years of union and support for Spanish fashion, the brand organizes this evening the "L'Oréal Paris-Because you are worth it" parade, which will bring together 17 award-winning designers (Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, Alvarno, Ana Locking, Ángel Schlesser, Antonio Miró, Carlos Díez, Carmen March, Ion Fiz, Jorge Vázquez, José Castro, Juan Duyos, Juan Vidal, Juajo Oliva and Miguel Palacio, among others) and 20 models awarded during these years (Miriam Ocariz, Marta Español, Amparo Bonmatí, Madeleine Hort and Laura Sánchez, among others).

The parade, with the name of the brand slogan that empowers women's empowerment, is a homage to women in Spanish fashion. "Because you're worth it", which already has almost 50 years, is a cry for self-affirmation of women. An empowerment that continues today more than ever, inspiring and giving strength to the aspirations of women around the world, responding to the beauty needs of all types of women, making them feel beautiful inside and out.

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