June 16, 2021

Loquillo, to a security employee: “Let your people hesitate, here I command” – La Provincia

Social media blazed after a video showing the singer went viral Loquillo in a brusque attitude towards one of the employees that guaranteed security in the concert that he offered this Wednesday in the municipality of Torrelavega, in Cantabria. The moment occurred when the Catalan interpreted his hit ‘La mala reputation’, a song considered an anthem due to its high social content.

The spectators were stunned when the artist ordered his musicians to stop playing and then blurted out to a security employee: ” Let it be the last fucking time you walk past my fucking stage! Eh! “. The silence fell among the audience, who later could hear how Loquillo returned to the charge with the recriminations.” Did you hear me? Go waver to your people, uncle! I rule here!“he yelled after the worker ignored his warning.

The reproaches have occurred during this Thursday on social networks, where some users recorded their discomfort with the attitude of the singer. ” Crazy humiliating a worker, everything in order“said one.


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