August 1, 2021

Loquillo postpones to December the concerts in the Canary Islands of '40 years of Rock & Roll Attitude '

Loquillo postpones to December the concerts in the Canary Islands of '40 years of Rock & Roll Attitude '

The concerts ofLoquilloin the Canary Islands, scheduled for the next 12 and 13 October, will be held on December 7 in theGran Canaria Arenaof Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Saturday 8 December in theSantiago Martn Pavilionof La Laguna, both at 8:00 pm and withSimn Salinasof opening act for what Loquillo sing at 2.:00 o'clock. According to the festivalOpen Sea The Season, issues unrelated to the artist and the promoter, which have to do with the logistics of the concerts, advise the change of date to fully enjoy the show40 YearsfromRock & Roll AttitudeWith whichCrazyHe makes an unbeatable tour through his forty years of musical career. A historic opportunity to enjoy the powerful live of one of the myths of Spanish music.

Open Sea The Season"apologize to people who may be affected by the change and remember that the tickets purchased for the concerts on October 12 and 13 in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, respectively, will be valid for the December shows. the return of the ticket has a period of one week, valid until the next October 15, for reimbursement, tickets are still on sale on the festival, in the exclusive web of sale ofOpen sea,, as well as on the webwww.pabellonsantiagomartin.netonly for the Tenerife concert.

Loquillo began his historic and exclusive tour,40 Years of Rock & Roll Attitude, on Friday, October 5 at the Roco Jurado Auditorium in Seville, with an absolute full and an impressive critical success. All the media talk about the history of a concert that covers only 8 Spanish cities, before arriving in the Canary Islands just the week before its closing of the year at the Palau Sant Jordi with a massive concert. Before,Crazyvisit Tenerife and Gran Canaria, cities that are included in this exclusive tour that only the great Spanish capitals can enjoy, including Open Sea in its agenda.

On this tour Loquillo looks back on the 40th anniversary of the beginning of his artistic career with the edition in addition to the triple discRock and Roll Attitude, a wide collection of classic cuts throughout his career, in which, according to the press release, "we will find great rock songs, reviews of the work of poets, country rock, all the best that Loquillo has published so much alone as with his stage with the Untouchables and with the Troglodytes. "

Among the attractions of the launch is a new version ofKing of Glam,Classical Alaska and Dinarama (Profane songs, 1983) that abandons the synthesizers and the rhythm boxes to adopt a rockanrolera form. "We reviewed the classic of Alaska and Dinarama to see that Bowie and T. Rex continue to take us by the hand to places of glitter and rock.We loaded ourselves with rmel and leopard to go around the neighborhood." We vindicated the vinyl, the needle and We want to have fun, we connect! ", warns Loquillo and his team. The cut was already versioned in the tour 2017 of the artist barcelons and, curiously, our protagonist recorded choirs in the original version of the composition.

The opening of Loquillo in the Canary Islands isSimn Salinas. After a five-year tour of the Canary Islands with his bandSoWhat,Simn Salinas decides to start his solo career and puts himself in the hands of producer Susi Morla, giving life to "a rock and roll album in which the sea is the protagonist." Honest songs with a touch of rogue, melodies with a hook and a section of winds very present.

His first contact with the public was at the end of the Alisios Festival Pop 2016, taking home the first prize and making it clear that this has only just begun. Your albumAvante TodaIt was released on July 5, 2017, and three days later, on July 8, 2017, he was called up to be the opening act for Aerosmith at the Heliodoro Rodrguez Lpez stadium.


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