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Loquillo, attitude of rock and roll - The Province

Loquillo, attitude of rock and roll - The Province

José María Sanz, Loquillo (Barcelona, ​​1960) is a rock survivor. Part of the generation that played resituar, encarrillar and give category in the years when the national rock and pop sought their identity, beyond market idioms and trends, has maintained a discourse according to their artistic convictions, and the inevitable Over the years. "I have always lived according to my age, I did the right thing at the time I was playing", reasoned Loquillo in a recent interview with this newspaper on the occasion of the tour that brought him back to the Islands.

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Others of their generation could be applied the accurate affirmation of Lemmy Kilmister, the leader of Motorhead, who died in December 2015, about the longevity of the artists, and the convenience of being active: "If you think you are too much old for rock and roll, then you are. " A maximum that is not met in the case of Barcelona. He is in shape, in case there was any doubt.

This Friday night the slender rocker stepped on the pavilion again Gran Canaria Arena in the final stretch of the 40th anniversary tour, the first of the two Canarian dates on your agenda, and with an eye on the end of the party in Barcelona next week. "This Friday we will warmly celebrate our 40th anniversary in Las Palmas and rock rhythm," announced the artist's Twitter account. This Friday in Gran Canaria and Saturday at the Santiago Martín Pavilion, in La Laguna, two direct concerts with which the 2018 Open Sea festival closes a season that has had as protagonists Luz Casal, Alberto Cortez, Pablo Milanés, Dani Martín, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, among others.

The whims of the billboard of concerts in the Island have made possible that Loquillo repeat in 2018, also in Open Sea, after having had it in this same festival on June 30, 2017 with the tour "Health and Rock and Roll". The repertoire of then and now does not differ in excess: the sequence is different, but the bulk of the songs that forge their identity remain.

This tour of Loquillo commemorates and vindicates four decades of commitment to rock and roll. That's what the public was looking for, and it was what was found. "Recovering strength to face the final stretch of our 40th Anniversary tour, it is intense, exciting, unforgettable, thanks to all of you who have seen us these months, and do not forget that the flying goal is this time on 14D at the Palau Sant Jordi from Barcelona". This message, also from your Twitter account, comes to summarize the agenda of direct that has had the Barcelona on the road with this 'Rock And Roll Attitude 2018', title at the same time that a generous compilation, published this year, in three discs and 55 songs, that allow to cover all the musical forms that Loquillo has cultivated between 1978 and 2018, with Intocables, Troglodytes, and solo since 1999.

The epigraph of this tour portrays the protagonist and what happens in his concerts. With an average of thirty songs per night, and seconded by a band of six musicians -Josu García (guitar), Igor Pascual (guitar), Mario Cobo (guitar), Alfonso Alcalá (bass), Laurent Castagnet (drums) and Lucas Albadalejo (keyboards) -, Loquillo fans adjusted their personal accounts with the author of 'El ritmo del garaje', 'La mafia del baile', 'Ugly, strong and formal', or 'Balmoral' and 'Vientos del Este', these last two of his solo production. An adjustment in the artistic, without any resentment, quite the opposite, since as it will be remembered, the dates of this concert in the Open Sea festival were planned last 12 and 13 October in the Gran Canaria capital and La Laguna, and that they were postponed to this new one, according to the organization, for logistical reasons that aborted their celebration.

With the musician Simon Salinas from Tenerife as a guest, who after covering stage with the SoWhat band, defends solo a rock and roll repertoire that has plamasdo in the disc Avante todo, which was published in 2017. An appetizer that Salinas offered to the public that already had a place in the pavilion of Seven Palms, successful by concept and attitude, that put the respectable in situation before the star of the night appeared.

With a delay of 15 minutes for the adjustment of microphones, monitors and tuning, the musicians came out on stage with the shouting of an audience, mostly middle-aged, which was not too numerous. What was lacking in capacity was covered with the delivery of those who were on track, applauding each gesture and chanting each verse.

"They hide it in the lights and the spotlights / mix it with commercial claims / repudiate it as a contagious virus / but get lost in the bars again ..., but do not forget, no betrayals / what has always made you live / do not forget, no betrayals what you carry deep inside you / because you never die / your rock and roll attitude ". It is the refrain of 'Rock'n'roll attitude', as well as accurate definition of the singer whose verb is the story of his life. With this plea in favor of an imperishable sound, Loquillo started a concert in which each phrase and gesture claimed its role. He remembered the audience with the best attribute that a musician has, the songs, that he had on the stage to an artist who learned the law of the street, "territory of brawls and billiards", as he sings in "The son of nobody", the second piece that he interpreted and with which the capacity, after the mobile ceremony in high, began to be comfortable.


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