April 11, 2021

López Obrador says that Mexico gives “a lesson to the world” in the fight against COVID-19

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured this Saturday that Mexico is giving “a lesson to the world” in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has more than 200 deaths and nearly 4,000 patients in the country, despite that he was criticized for minimizing the crisis initially.

“An exemplary people in Mexico. We are giving the world a lesson in our behavior. Let’s move on,” said the president in a video recorded from his home in the south of the Mexican capital.

Breaking tradition, López Obrador did not go on a tour of the country this weekend, nor did he move to his vacation ranch in Palenque, in the southeastern state of Chiapas, due to the health crisis that Mexico is going through.

In his message, the president celebrated that “the behavior of the majority of Mexicans is truly exemplary” by complying with the authorities’ call to stay home as long as possible until April 30.

“The vast majority of the people are following the recommendations to the letter not to go out, to be at home, to take care of ourselves and to comply with the healthy distance,” said López Obrador, who set the example that the beaches of Acapulco were empty. this Saturday despite Easter.

The president pointed out that the main objective of his government in this crisis is to “save lives” and “the time for economic recovery will come later”.

He also announced that the delivery of financial support to eight million older adults to stay home and not be exposed to the disease has ended.

López Obrador’s economic plan to deal with the crisis has been criticized by businessmen, since it is based on providing support to the disadvantaged classes instead of helping companies to keep jobs.

Mexico registers 233 deaths and 3,844 confirmed COVID-19 patients, although the Government estimates that the real number is eight times higher, up to 31,000 infected.

López Obrador was harshly criticized during March for inviting people to hug and go to restaurants while the health authorities of his government asked to do the opposite.

On March 31, Mexico decreed a health emergency until April 30, forcing non-essential economic activities to stop, and the population was urged to stay at home, although quarantine is not mandatory so as not to affect the millions of people employed in informal work.


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