Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

López Obrador questions the "moral authority" of the Sánchez government in the hypothesis that it has leaked the letter

López Obrador questions the "moral authority" of the Sánchez government in the hypothesis that it has leaked the letter

López Obrador has referred in the daily press conference to the letter that, as announced on March 25, sent the King and the Pope with the aim that both Spain and the Catholic Church make "an account of grievances" and " We ask for forgiveness from the native peoples for the violations of what is now known as Human Rights ".

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AMLO, as he has been baptized by the Mexican press, has reiterated that "nothing more calm down the spirits" will release the full text of the letter "so that it is known," complaining that for now only a draft is known filtered that the local newspaper 'Reforma' published.

López Obrador has considered that "it would be good if, for the sake of transparency", the origin of the leak was known. "It is a good subject of investigation, that is, imagine that the letter has been leaked by the Spanish Government," he said, in response to questions from journalists.

"What moral authority can a government have that filters a document in these circumstances? It's a problem." That's it, "as a journalist from my country would say," the Mexican president has riveted without going into this hypothesis.

However, the informants have asked how it is possible that the draft has leaked from Moncloa if the Government of Sanchez only received the final version. "It turned out that in the acknowledgment of receipt a document without signature was delivered in Spain," he replied.

In any case, he has maintained that "the investigation must be done", although at the same time it has qualified that "Reformation" "has no obligation" to collaborate. "It is your right to keep your source, but why can not we say it? The less it would be very interesting," he said.


On the other hand, he insisted that what he proposes is to build "a shared story and offer apologies for the grievances, for the abuses of the original peoples." "And also we, because after Mexico obtained its independence it continued with oppressive policies," he added.

For López Obrador, despite the fact that this year marks the fifth centenary "of the conquest, of the meeting of two worlds, of the invention of America, as it is called", "this issue is not closed".

"We have to talk about these issues (...) with responsibility, with maturity, without fighting, but historical memory is important, not forgetting where we come from to know where we are going," he said.


At the time, the Government of Spain regretted that the letter that López Obrador sent to Felipe VI on March 1, whose content he rejected "with all firmness," had been made public.

For the Executive of Sanchez, "the arrival 500 years ago of the Spaniards to the present Mexican lands can not be judged in the light of contemporary considerations".

"Our brotherly peoples have always known how to read our shared past without anger and with a constructive perspective, as free peoples with a common heritage and an extraordinary projection," said Moncloa.


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