López Obrador promises market confidence and seeks agreement with the US and Canada

The president-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said today that his government will give confidence to the markets and seek an agreement with the United States and Canada that encourages regional development and curbs the migration phenomenon.

"Mexico is going to be a safe country, a country that is going to give a lot of confidence to the investment," the president-elect said, stressing that his government will need public and private investment and that the foreign investment will rise, according to a statement. official.

In thanking the participation in the consultation on infrastructure, social and environmental projects, all approved with ease, López Obrador announced that on December 1, at the beginning of his term, he will outline the plans to finance the development.

"It will maintain the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico, we will not spend more than what the public treasury enters and it will give a lot of confidence to investors," he said.

The Mexican Stock Exchange gained 0.96% today after having its second biggest drop of the year, 4.17%, on Thursday and reaching its lowest level of 2018, below 30,000 points, while the Mexican peso appreciated 0.82% against the dollar.

"Those who invest in companies, in shares, in the financial market, will have these investments insured and will obtain good returns," said López Obrador.

He added that during his government there will be an authentic rule of law, and guaranteed that "there will be no expropriations, arbitrary acts, we will end corruption, with impunity."

He anticipated that his government will advance in the search for a cooperation agreement for development with the United States and Canada that allows people to have work in their places of origin to face the migratory phenomenon.

"We are already making agreements, I am talking with (US) President Donald Trump, with the Prime Minister (of Canada, Justin) Trudeau so that we can reach an investment agreement with companies and governments of the three countries," he said. .

This agreement would allow boosting productive activities "so that there is employment, economic growth, that people have work in their places of origin and in that way, attending to the fundamental, attending to the merits of the matter, facing the migratory phenomenon," he insisted.

Some 5,000 migrants from Central American countries who entered Mexico in several caravans have arrived at the border with the United States to try to seek asylum in that country, which last Sunday prevented with tear gas they crossed irregularly to their territory.


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